Summer Popsicle Alphabet and Beginning Sounds – FREE Printable

Summer Popsicle Alphabet and Beginning Sounds – FREE Printable I was browsing the internet for some summer clip art and stumbled across these cute popsicle/icy-pole ones and had to make a printable that I could share with you all. Before I continue to write this super quick post, I need to let you know that my printer is on its way out and is not doing the colors on these popsicles/icy-poles any justice. The colors are more like what you see in the picture below. Anyhow, there are a few ways that you can use this activity to suit the learning level of your children. For beginners, use the popsicles/icy-poles intact and teach them the relationship between lower and upper case letters and beginning sounds. You could ask children to order the popsicles/icy-poles alphabetically, you could use them as flashcards… For kiddos who require more practice with upper and lower case matching, cut apart each popsicle/icy-pole section and remove the picture in the middle (or keep it attached to the lower case letter), and ask them to match the correct cases. And, of course, there is always the option of using all three sections. I hope you will find this Summer Popsicle Alphabet and Beginning Sounds activity useful and the your children will have fun with it! Click on...
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Preschool Letter Z

Preschool Letter Z (Throughout this Preschool Letter Z post, click the hyperlinked text to take you to the complete unit in my TpT store/original resource link, or click the pictures to get the freebies!) We started our Letter Z with a Letter Find worksheet. Here is Filip, counting the upper and lowercase letters that he found so that he can write them in the circles. Next, he coloured all the pictures that started with the letter Z on this activity from my Beginning Sounds Color It! Then Filip worked on the letter Z page from my Introducing the Alphabet packet. These words were hard for my little man to sound out, but he used the pictures to help him figure out the words correctly 😉   We finished the day with a letter craft. And there you have it folks, our Preschool Letter of the Week is now officially done! As you probably already know, we finished our Letter of the Week “school work” quite a few months ago; I’m the one to blame for these late posts and I apologise if you have been waiting for ever for the freebies I have made available with each post. Between helping Filip and my other kiddos with their homework and life in general, housework, church responsibilities, and actual work...
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Preschool Letter Y

Preschool Letter Y I’m going to begin our Preschool Letter Y post with an apology to you all. This post is long overdue and I am sorry it’s taken so long to actually writing it and sharing some free resources with you. To be honest, the reason this post was so late is because Filip and I had already moved on to learning to read sight words and word families (posts and freebies which I will share with you soon) and he LOVED doing all those new activities and, well, it was boring for him to come back to doing letters. After a while, I did manage to convince Filip to finish letters Y and Z, but let that be a lesson to you guys; if you’re keen on finishing the alphabet, don’t get too stuck into more advanced stuff ’cause your kiddos might not want to go back and finish the rest of the letters! Anyhow, here is what Filip did for Preschool Letter Y! (Throughout this Preschool Letter Y post, click the hyperlinked text to take you to the complete unit in my TpT store/original resource link, or click the pictures to get the freebies!) Filip started with a the Letter Y page from my Letter Find worksheets unit. Then he did...
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St. Patrick’s Day Beginning Sounds Freebie

St. Patrick’s Day Beginning Sounds Freebie I thought I would surprise you all with a cute St. Patrick’s Day activity, seeing as it’s only a couple of weeks away! Best of all, the entire unit is FREE! Click on any of the pictures to download it and if you decide to try it out, please leave a comment letting me know how it worked for you! So… let’s see what’s included! Firstly, there is a coloured matching activity. I LOVE all things colourful and beautiful images make learning more fun – at least, they do for me 😉 To prepare the activity for use, print all the pages (cardstock is preferable, but not necessary), laminate them for durability and then cut out the pots and shamrocks. If you’re going to use these in your classroom yearly and are worried about little fingers picking away at the edges and un-sticking the laminating that you have done, you can cut out the pictures BEFORE laminating and then, once laminated, you cut out around the shape leaving a small edge of “lamination”. Of course, this does require cutting two times… I guess this is a good time to call in your parent helpers 😉 The aim of this St. Patrick’s Day activity is for children...
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Glow in the Dark Sight Words

Glow in the Dark Sight Words I know that I’m not the only one who loves to buy anything colourful, anything cute or anything new from the stationary section at the store – even if it’s from Woolworths… which is where I bought my Neon Sharpies! I must have been bored one day, ’cause I read the text on the packet in which my new and unused sharpies were encased. And then my heart jumped a beat – “fluoresces under black light”. Black light… hmm… hadn’t I just seen some guy on Facebook showing how to make black light with an iPhone? Yes, I had! But I needed something much better than an iPhone light. After a remarkable effort of cleaning out the garage, my hubby finally found the camping flashlight – I was overjoyed! I got to work making the black light using the instructions I found on Instructables – thank you, Google search 😉 And then I had fun with some sight words printables! I mean, how cool do the sight words word find pages look??! Even though the blue and pink didn’t do well under the black light, the other colours looked marvelous! I also bought some “fluro” paint to use on my sight word q-tip printables…...
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