Winter Math Worksheets & Activities No Prep

Hi there! This is my Winter Math NO PREP Worksheet and Activity resource pack. It’s best suited for children in Kindergarten (Prep) but can absolutely be used even for children a little older as well. To download some sample pages, click here. Included are 54 super cute winter themed math work pages that will keep your kiddos engaged and learning varying math skills. These can be used as individual work, morning work, early finishers work, homework or even for days when a substitute teacher is to come in. Children have the opportunity to practice counting both visually and verbally, which in turn will help them complete many other of the activities in this pack once they have an understanding of number identification and number order. Following the counting pages, there are some cute graphing activities and number-to-word matching. This again will help the children make a visual connection between written word and number which is very helpful also for children to practice reading. You have a wide variety of activities and worksheets to choose from with ordinal numbering, skip counting, before and after sequencing, more or less, basic addition and making 10. Of course there is more! Your kiddos can also enjoy making patterns,...
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Kindergarten Morning Bins | Tubs | Centers Set 6

This packet contains 19 activities ideal for use in morning tubs with children in Kindergarten (Prep/Foundation). Sound position identification: beginning and endingMaterials needed: household pegsChildren will say the name of the picture of the card and identify the position of the focus sound by clipping a peg on the correct circle. Middle sound swap (CVC words)Materials needed: erasable markers or magnetic letters/letter tilesChildren will read the top word on the card. They will then sound out the name of the bottom word. They will write the new word, changing the middle vowel sound. Which sound has changed? (CVC words)Materials needed: household pegsChildren will sound out the names of both words on the card. They will identify which sound has changed by clipping a peg to the correct circle. Do the pictures start with the same blend?Materials needed: household pegsChildren will say the name of both pictures on the card. They will clip a peg on either the cross or tick to show whether they begin or don’t begin with the same blend. What is the secret sight word?Materials needed: letter tilesChildren will solve the secret word by identifying the beginning sound for each picture. Combined, the beginning letters will spell the secret sight word....
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December Writing Journal Prompts

I have put together the December Journal packet to help your kiddos writing through the busy and distracting Christmas season! They are ideal for use with children in Kindergarten (Prep), Grade 1 and Grade 2. To download some free sample pages, click here. Included in this packet is a variety of text types. Children will practice writing lists, procedures, opinion pieces, narrative text, letters and acrostic poems. The writing prompts provide opportunities for your children to work on their handwriting and sentence formation. By including multiple text writing styles, children are able to expand their knowledge of how to write in different formats with different intentions. What I love most about these kind of packets is that they provide young writers with a starting idea and then they continue with their own thoughts, being as original and creative as they like. This is especially beneficial for children who are unsure of what to write about and need a visual aid to get them started. And let’s be honest, December is such a fun month to write about! Full of exciting Christmas festivities, with many nostalgic items that give the Christmas feel, your kiddos are bound to love writing with the packet! If you would...
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Christmas Worksheets for Preschool – No Prep

Hey! I have another No Prep Christmas themed workbook for you! This one is targeted for use with preschool aged children, including Pre-Kinder, Transitional Kindergarten and up to Kinder (Prep). Much like the previous pack for Kinder, this workbook contains a collection of fun and festive activity pages for both literacy and numeracy. To download some free sample pages, click here. Your little ones will practice pencil control, letter identification, tracing, beginning sounds and pre-primer sight words. Some cutting worksheets are also included to get those little hand muscles moving to improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor development. For numeracy, children will practice size order, sequencing, matching, number writing practice, number identification, counting, patterns and graphing. This pack really does cover quite an extensive range of mathematical skills! Included is also a scavenger hunt page for the kiddos to search their surroundings for the items pictured and record their findings. Also included is a ‘My Senses at Christmas’ page where children can consider what things trigger their senses at Christmas. This prompt can be used to record their senses through art (drawing). This is such a wonderful festive packet to have in your classroom or home for your preschool kiddos to enjoy during Christmas...
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Christmas Math & Literacy Worksheets & Activities for Kindergarten – No Prep

If you are after some fun and festive literacy and numeracy activities for kindergarten, you have come to the right place! The Christmas Math & Literacy No Prep workbook has been carefully designed to include a wide variety of activities to cover both literacy and numeracy that you can use during December. They are best suited for children in Kindergarten (Prep) and Grade 1. I have included both American and Australian spelling to cater for anyone wanting this resource. To download some free sample pages, click here. These are great for use for individual work but can absolutely be used in a group setting, centers or as a whole classroom activity. They can also be used as homework or early finishers work to keep children engaged and learning throughout the day in the festive season. The literacy worksheets have a bit of everything included; covering letter identification, beginning sounds, uppercase and lowercase letter sequencing, word blends, CVC words, a Christmas vocabulary booklet and reading comprehension among other great activities. Your children will have the opportunity to practice reading and sounding out letters, blends and CVC words while enjoying a Christmas themed image they can color, cut or paste according to the page instructions. The...
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