Twinkle, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Nursery Rhyme Play Dough Activity

Hi everyone! In this activity pack we are combining two of kiddos favorite things to do: singing nursery rhymes and getting hands on play with colorful play dough! Play dough can get a little messy as we all know, but it will be well worth your time and effort. This book contains 7 play dough mat pages for the nursery rhyme ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’.  One page has the full nursery rhyme written on it, with a picture alongside. Then the following pages have been broken down to have a small sentence from the nursery rhyme with a picture to support the text. The children are to read the words on the page then make the image using the play dough. You could choose to sing the full nursery rhyme together before beginning this activity, especially if you are wanting to use it in a group setting, but it is fun even one on one. 🙂 Go through each page and point to the words as you sing the nursery rhyme for the children to also visually see the corresponding words. They can also point to the images and say the colors that they see.  Kiddos can repeat that process of reading/singing it individually...
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Kindergarten Morning Bins | Tubs | Centers Set 1

You guys. I am listening to your advice to make my centers easier to prep for your kiddos. My new Kindergarten Morning Bins sets will contain straight cutting lines. Mostly. There may be a few activities that require detailed cutting, but I will keep them to an absolute minimum. Also they are non-seasonal, so you will be able to use them any time of the year, no matter where you hail from. Here’s a look at the activities included in Set 1. Pre-Writing CardsMaterials needed: erasable markers, chenille sticks, playdough, small manipulatives Children will trace along the pre-writing lines. Alternatively, they will use the manipulatives supplied to create the lines. Build It Upper Case Letter CardsMaterials needed: assorted building bricks (Lego), base blockChildren will create the letter on the card using building bricks. Upper Case Letter Recognition CardsMaterials needed: household pegsChildren will clip a peg on each letter that matches the first letter on the card. Lower Case Letter Recognition CardsMaterials needed: household pegsChildren will clip a peg on each letter that matches the first letter on the card. Letter Matching Cards: Upper Case LettersMaterials needed: small objects of varied colors (pom-poms, buttons, Lego, etc.)Children will read the upper case letter on their card...
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Pencil Control: Straight Lines

Hi everyone! In my previous blog post “Fine Motor Bins for August” I spoke about the importance of fine motor skills, and it just so happens that ‘Pencil Control’ comes into that category also! This book contains a set of 20 pencil control worksheets which provide a variety of fun ways for children to practice their hand-eye co-ordination by tracing basic straight lines. Starting points and arrows are visible on the activity sheets in dotted lines to enable the children to trace straight lines in different directions. Kiddos will have the opportunity to trace left to right, right to left, up and down, down and up and diagonally. This book is super easy to prepare for use; you can print them and give them directly to your children to complete as is, or can laminate them and use with dry erase markers to use them over and over again. If you wish to store these in a binder, you could place them inside a plastic sleeve. There are a range of difficulty levels provided in this work book, some with just a few simple tracing lines, some with multiple short lines, some narrow lines and some with extra long lines to trace and control...
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Fine Motor Morning Bins for August

Hey Everyone! It’s time to get those fine motor muscles working! Kiddos love hands-on learning activities and this is just perfect for that! This work pack contains a large collection of printable activities to get your kiddos some hands-on small muscle development. These are best suited for use for children in Preschool, Pre-kindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten (Prep). All supplies required to use these worksheets are listed on the ‘Introduction’ page under ‘Directions of Use’. If you do not have the listed manipulatives available, feel free to improvise with whatever you do have similar, that can still have the same learning outcome of the activity. These activities involve the use of an assortment of manipulatives, which will not only assist the children in their fine motor learning, but will also make this work pack super enjoyable and exciting as they get to cut, thread, paste, roll, build, pin, hole punch, colour and much more. Okay, so let’s talk a little about the importance of fine motor development. Fine motor skills are not only important to develop those small muscles in hands, fingers and arms, but it also sets children up for success for the rest of their lives. Now let me elaborate a little...
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Measurement Worksheets: Capacity

Hi everyone! This worksheet pack has many fun activities for kiddos to learn the concept of “Capacity”. Why not make learning about capacity fun with your kiddos by joining all their favourite things to do (like colouring/cutting/pasting/blocks/water play) into amazing learning experiences? Let’s do it! 🙂 The Capacity packet contains 21 black and white worksheets that include a variety of non-standard, customary and metric capacities for optimal learning in this area. These are best suited for children in Kindergarten (Prep/Foundation), Grade 1 and Grade 2. They can be used for independent learning and practice, group work or table time. Learning about capacity is an important mathematical concept for children to learn to be able to ‘measure’ the space inside something. This then leads to further investigation, inquisition, and problem solving which develops their mathematical skills. They should continue practicing these skills until they are confident and capable to identify and solve the concept of ‘capacity’ in multiple variations. The worksheets can be used in conjunction with various hands-on manipulatives, which is super fun for the kiddos to get a good visualization of capacity in action. Grab some popular items you have around that the kiddos will enjoy like Lego, cubes, cotton buds, rice or...
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