Rhyming Christmas Trees

We rhyme often at our house. Ok. No, wait. Hubby doesn’t rhyme. Ever. And the school-aged kids have learnt it’s not “cool”, so they, well, pretty much roll their eyes… I guess it’s only Filip and I that love to rhyme. And if he can’t think of a rhyming word, he’ll make one up. Yep – he’s a nonsense word rhymer! He asks me to help him put on his “socks-y locks-y”, make him a “sandwich-bandwich” or go for a “walkie-talkie” together… I know what you’re thinking… I’ts only a matter of time before he joins the older kids… Oh well! I will enjoy it while it lasts ūüėČ Anyway,¬†Princess and I worked on some Christmas tree rhymes. (Click on the pictures to take you the resources in my TpT store and download some freebies in the preview for each resource!) We worked on the “an” and “at” word families. Here is a picture of her sorting the Christmas ornaments to the correct trees. We then did a follow-up worksheet. Here is a photo of her cutting out the ornaments ever-so-carefully. I colored while she cut… Then she glued the ornaments to each tree. Afterwards, we did a follow-up craftivity. We used some foam alphabet beads to build the words and, because the ornaments have the words spelled correctly on the back, Cami was able to independently check her spelling. Here is the completed “an” rhyming tree: And here is a completed decorated tree. Lots of fun for my Princess and I! Click on the Christmas tree template below to download your free... read more

Christmas Stockings CVC Word Work

There is no better way to make learning fun during the festive season than with some festive activities! Yesterday, my daughter (Prep/Kindergarten) and I had heaps of fun with my Christmas Stocking CVC Word Scramble. I printed the¬†CVC Stockings from my Christmas Literacy Centers unit, laminated them and then cut them apart. Click on any of the pictures below to take you to the product page in my TpT where you can download the preview and grab some freebies ūüėČ We got busy turning over all our Scrabble letter tiles, letter-side up… … and then Cami read the instructions so she would know what to do. Then she got started! The aim of this activity is to collect the scrambled letters shown on each stocking and build a CVC word to match the picture. Very straight-forward, and lots of fun! After the activity, Cami completed a worksheet from my Christmas Math & Literacy worksheets and activities unit.¬†Here’s a photo of her sounding out each letter as she writes it. Completed work! Yep, we had some letter reversal oopsies and we almost thought “tin” was “can”, but we worked it out in the end! To finish our learning session, we made a short vowel “i” stocking and I wrote down all the short “i” CVC words she could remember from the activity or knew. Click here on the picture below to get your short vowel freebie! I thought I’d take some photos to show you how I store all the printable activities in our home. I put all the pieces from the activity, including instruction card, in a plastic envelope (if someone knows that correct term for the envelopes, please let me know what it is!!). I tape the label to the back and then store them¬†in a box with similar word work activities. Easy-peasy! We will be back soon with some more Christmas... read more

Preschool Letter P

Welcome to our Preschool Letter P post! As we have done previously, Filip¬†started by finger tracing the letter P play dough mat and then used whiteboard markers to trace the upper and lower case letters. (Throughout this Preschool Letter P post, click on the word links to take you to the complete unit in my TpT store, or the pictures to get the freebies!) We thought we would get a bit creative this week and used some coloured spiral pasta to form the letter P. (I got my directions for dying pasta from WikiHow and¬†Happy Hooligans.) Filip then did an upper and lower case letter identification page from¬†¬†Dawn DeLorenzo‚Äôs Gumball Dot It! Letter P¬†activity unit. ¬† We then moved right along to practice handwriting on a smaller scale. This week, we decided to use the write and wipe letter P cards from my Alphabet Write and Wipe packet.¬†They were a big hit with my little man! No more frustrations if he got out of the lines; we just wiped it off and started again! Oh why didn’t I use these from the start? Next, we did a Beginning Sounds page using come¬†super cute letter erasers. Filip sounded out each word, located the corresponding letter and placed it on top of the picture. He REALLY enjoyed using the letters for this activity! We got our alphabet erasers from Office Works (Australia).¬†Check out the end result below! We also played our Sound Hound Game, listening to the P sound in each word and placing it under the correct doggie section. And then, we moved on to our Number of the Week 8 Play dough mat. We used these¬†coloured lego-type erasers to form the number 8. And here’s the end result – he even made an AB pattern with the ten frame. If you’d like to get yourself some of these funky erasers, I got mine from Office Works (Australia). We finished the day with our¬†Preschool Cut and Paste Number page. We started Day 2 with our CVC word slider cards. Filip¬†can now sound and blend single words really well. I’m hoping to introduce him to simple sentences by the time we reach letter T, but we will see how we go! We then put some CVC Puzzles together… And build some CVC Words using our CVC Phoneme Segmentation Cards. Here he is checking to make sure that the letters are all in the correct spot. Next, we brought out a new... read more

Synonyms FREEBIE

  Synonyms FREEBIE for you today!! Let’s start with the end result, shall we? Here is my eldest son’s masterpiece! Alex has been confusing his synonyms, antonyms and homophones and so I thought it was time to get creative and help him out. Now, remember, this is my munchkin who¬†doesn’t enjoy doing worksheets nor writing; he’s¬†the little fellow who leaves homework till the last minute… probably hoping it will get done on its own?!? Not sure what he’s hoping for, actually…. Anyhow, my¬†aim with this activity was to get him to remember that “Synonyms are words with similar meanings”. It requires no writing, much to his relief! We borrowed Filip’s desk (so I could take photos of him) and we got started! Here he is matching the words from Set 1 from my Synonyms – Center and Worksheets unit. Alex¬†LOVED¬†it! After he completed the activity, he worked on the follow-up “worksheet” – here he is cutting the words apart… … colouring the pictures… … and then gluing the words next to their synonym… Today was our “introductory session”, so we didn’t over-stress the Synonym definition. However, come tomorrow, we’ll work on set 2 and, each time he makes a match, I’ll get him to say the definition for me. I’m sure he will remember¬†it by the time we¬†finish¬†the unit! If you’d like to try out the first set, please click on the picture below to get your freebie! If you think you need the complete set, please click here to purchase it from my TpT... read more

Preschool Letter O

Preschool Letter O! We have had some time off from doing school work, but we are full swing back into it for the last term of school in Australia. Get ready to receive a blog post of sticker fun over-load! ūüėČ As we have done previously, we started Day 1 with the play dough mat for the letter O. (Throughout this post, click on the word links to take you to the complete unit in my TpT store, or the pictures to get the freebies!) We then continued with the Letter O Sound Hound Game. Much to Filip’s¬†dismay, he discovered that there were no words that ended with the “O” sound. He insisted I should have made some for him, even after I explained that there aren’t any words that end with the short o sound… Moving on! We continued with the Letter O Beginning Sounds Colour It! page. Here is a photo of him pointing to the hand and sounding¬†it out… I looks like he’s saying “five” ūüėČ Then we looked for upper and lower case O’s using our Letter Find page. This did not work very well as my little man had trouble recognising the difference between the two¬†cases, and he ended up dotting them all with an orange bingo dabber. We finished the Letter part of the day with a writing page from The¬†Measured Mom. We moved right along and brought out our Number 7 Play Dough Mat. We finished our first day of structured table-work with a number seven matching page. To start off Day 2, we used the pages without borders from our Alphabet Play Dough Mats and stuck some stickers on each letter. Fillip then did a Letter O Maze: Now that he “knows how to read”, Filip¬†read the sentence strips from Mariela Santillana’s cut and paste letter O page and glued the pictures accordingly. Well, to be honest, he sounded out the first 2 letters of each word and guessed what it was. A great effort, in my opinion ūüôā I then helped him do¬†a pre-writing practice page created by Mel at From the Pond.¬† As with the Letter O play dough mat, we stuck stickers all over the number 7 mat too. It’s always great to get in some fine motor practice! We then did a number 7 maze… And a number 7¬†concepts page… … and finished the day with a number 7 flip book… We started Day 3 with a¬†Q-Tip... read more

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