Happy Easter!

I wanted to pop in and wish everyone a very Happy Easter! We have been enjoying our break, but are looking forward to getting back into learning! I am preparing all our resources next week and will start blogging again the following... read more

Preschool Farm Theme Week 2

We continued with our Preschool Farm Theme, though what I had hoped to do in one week ended up getting done in 2, as Filip came down with a nasty cold half way through! Poor little person: he’s still not completely over it as I write this post 🙁 We started our Farm theme with a completely new concept: non-standard measurement using unifix cubes. We have used our cubes previously to make patterns, so they were not something entirely new. He LOVED it! We took turns guessing how many cubes we thought each picture would measure. Here is a picture of him assembling a “ruler cube”. We then ordered them from shortest to tallest. We did the build-a-word activity again, this time using the 4-letter cards. He also matched our farm animals to the cards. Filip really enjoyed this activity. He was actually sounding out each letter as he put it down and I started wondering whether he’s ready to begin reading CVC words…? Next, we did a count and graph activity. I laminated the pages, intending to use them with whiteboard markers. However, when we pulled the lids off to use the markers, we discovered that the tips had all been pushed in. Lesson learnt: never leave Filip unsupervised with the whiteboard markers as he pushes the tips in :/ So he used the dot-paints instead. They turned out OK, though I do NOT recommend it to anyone!! Especially if your child tends to touch paint before it dries!  We started our first worksheet with this word counting page. The aim is to reinforce 1 to 1 correspondence. We then did a measurement activity – same concept as with the unifix cubes previously, only this time we had our “cube ruler” already built. We coloured the cubes to make them look nice 🙂  He measured and counted… … and recorded his answers using dot-paints to show how many cubes tall each picture was. We did this because he can’t write numbers, just yet! We used dot paints again… can you tell that they are a favourite in our house?? …This time for the count and graph worksheet. One day, Filip was playing with our “magic” kinetic sand like this….  … Which gave me an idea for this… Animal prints!! We lined up the animals on one side and took them for a walk/trot across the sand. We talked about how each animal has a unique print. One thing... read more

Grade 2 Homework An Introduction

Allow me to introduce my eldest son, Alex.   He is an athletic boy. He loves to run. He loves to jump. In fact, he loves to run and jump at the same time. ALL. DAY. LONG. Well, he would, if I allowed it! Alex is also a fidgeter. After many tests and what seemed like forever, our pediatrician told us that he doesn’t have ADHD/ADD, as we feared, and that he is a perfectly healthy little boy with a LOT of energy. He will – eventually – learn to control his impulse to move and fidget. In the meantime, we have to be patient and help as best as we know how. If you have a boy like Alex at home or in your class, you will  totally understand that patience really is a virtue!! And you’ll also understand how hard it can be to get him to sit still and do his work. So, what does homework look like with my fidgety 8-year old? Let’s begin with this photo: It’s what his desk looks like on a good day. I believe organisation is an important key to happiness in the home and EVERYTHING must have a place. Alex does not agree with my philosophy, but he admits that putting things away in “the spot they should go” ensures that will be there when you need them again 🙂 His homework books and other things from school are stored in the pull-out drawer under the writing area of his desk. His corrected worksheets, salt writing tray and other resources go under his desk as shown in the photo below. Alex and I have come up with a little homework routine that usually goes like this: 1. Phonogram Review 2. Literacy/Grammar 3. Spelling & Word Work 4. Maths 5. Reading 6. Piano 7. Scripture Memorisation (need to work on this one!!) 1. PHONOGRAM REVIEW usually includes these beauties: While he can recognise them when reading, he has trouble writing them. I have a set of flash cards (available here if you’d like a set) which I get him to identify, then he writes a few of the ones he doesn’t seem quite certain about in a salt or sand tray. We had a bit of a set-back this week because Mr. Alex came home on Monday with ONLY his Literacy homework book. No Maths book. No Spelling words book…  So, on Monday, he finished his homework in less than 5 minutes.... read more