Preschool Letter I

We started our Preschool Letter I with our beginning I vocabulary cards. I covered the words with playdough at the top as I had done last week, and Filip said the name of each picture, focusing on the beginning sound.   He continues to love this game and gets so excited when he can figure out what our Letter of the Week will be! Next, Filip finger-traced our I Alphabet Play Dough Mat, then he used a white board marker. Filip did a Letter Find worksheet with different coloured dot paints for upper and lowercase letters. Then he practiced writing lowercase I with the printables from The Measured Mom. Seeing this week’s letter was a vowel, we skipped our CVC reading and word work and did some Maths instead. Filip can count to 20 and can recognise numbers 1-10, but can’t write them. So, I thought it would be idea to start with some play dough mats as we do for each of our letters. Here he is finger tracing the number 1 on our Number Playdough Mats: Filip also did this number recognition worksheet, available in my TpT store for free. We started Day 2 by tracing over the I Alphabet Play Dough Mat with a white board marker. This is mine: …and here is Filip writing away… Filip continues to love these alphabet worksheets from Mariela Santillana (check them out here). We also did a Q-Tip Letter I printable from 1plus1plus1equals1. Filip put some glue dots in each circle… … and then sprinkle red glitter over it… Here is our Preschool Letter I craft for the week. (We know that insects have six legs, but my little man insisted on pasting ALL the legs we’d cut out… who am I to challenge him!?!)  We then moved on the the Maths part of our school work. We used some playdough with our  Number Playdough Mats: Filip also did a Number Maze using the dot paints: All done! Here he is doing a number worksheet: tracing the number one. He then had to write the missing number, count 1 sqaure and count how many fingers. We also used our Number 1 Flip Booklet from the unit (available in my TpT store here). This id what the flip book look like assembled: And here is Filip reading the number 1 flip book. As you can see, I had to put in some read dots to indicate that we are reading each WORD, not each LETTER, as we do for... read more

Preschool Letter H

I decided to try something new for our Preschool Letter H. Instead of a beginning sounds basket, I used some of our beginning H vocabulary cards and covered the words at the top with playdough.   Filip’s job was to say the name of each picture and figure out the beginning sound. He then took the playdough off and checked to see whether he got the beginning sound right. He made a remarkable discovery that all the pictures started with the H sound 🙂 We took out our H Alphabet Play Dough Mat and Filip started by finger-tracing the letter to learn the path of motion for letter formation.   Then we used some playdough: We got out our dot paints and Filip did a Letter Find worksheet. This is always a favourite and he is super thorough, checking each letter before stating: “Finished! Can you see any other ones?”   We are loving our lowercase letter formation practice sheets from The Measured Mom. We recently came across this fun worksheet from Mariela Santillana (check it out here) and HAD to have it; my little man loves cutting and pasting and this was perfect for him! Then we read our letter h CVC word slider cards.This is by far his favourite “game”. Here he was sounding out: “H…a…m…” and then peeked inside the envelope to see the picture and happily announced: “Turkey! H-a-m – turkey!” This is why peeking is not allowed!! Letter H CVC picture puzzles. We attached magnets to the back of these so that they are easier for Filip to arrange. Then we moved on to our CVC word building activity. I placed the letter tiles in 3 columns (beginning, middle and ending sounds) to make it easier for him to find the sounds. Just letting you know that Filip does not do this activity independently; I say the word for each picture,emphasizing each sounds. Filip then identifies the sound heard, finds the letter tile and places it in the correct spot.   Heaps of fun! We started Day 2 by tracing over our letter H playdough mats with a white board marker. We used our pin board to make the letter H. (If you’re from Australia and are keen to get a push pin set (also called Mosaic Pins), they are available at K’Mart. ) I wrote the letter H on the board… …and Filip pushed the pins in being careful to follow the letter formation... read more

Preschool Letter G

We are back from our very long break! Let’s just say one of us (not me) was very keen to get back into it and kept nagging to do school work! And so, we started out Preschool Letter of the Week G with a beginning sounds basket. Filip took out the items one by one we named the items together. That hamster lookin’ thing is actually a g-g-g-guineapig and NOT a g-g-g-hamster! 🙂 We used our much loved Alphabet Play Dough Mats to finger trace… And then we used white board markers… Filip also did a letter identification worksheet using dot paints. And a beginning sounds worksheet! Letter g is available here, but if you’d like the complete unit, you can get it in my TpT store here! The Measured Mom now has lowercase letters available and we were so delighted to have them!! And then – something new and oh-so-exciting!!! We are learning to read!!! CVC words, of course, and we LOVED every moment! We began with a little game using these CVC word slider cards. Here is a pic: To set up the activity, get a letter sized envelope and slip the CVC word slider card into the envelope. Your child then slowly pulls out the card, saying each sound as it appears. Once all three letters are out, your child tries to blend them together, and then read the word on the card! Your child checks his answer with the picture at the end. In this case, the word is “get” and there is a picture of a girl “getting” the eggs from the hens, so that “she can make eggs on toast” for us 🙂 My little man has some funny ideas! I’d like to pause here and give credit to my inspiration for this idea: The Measured Mom! She has heaps of amazing printables and we LOVE everything we have from her. She has a couple of sets of CVC word slider cards, similar to the ones I’m creating, but I decided not to use them as we are going in letter order to supplement our Preschool Letter of the Week units. If you’d like to check out the Measured Mom’s CVC word slider cards, they are available here! We also did some CVC puzzles using the same words on the word slider cards. And then some word building fun! I collected all the letter tiles we need to make our 4 G words and arranged them... read more