Preschool Letter N

Preschool Letter N! It was an exciting week for us as we celebrated my little man’s 4th birthday and the countdown seemed to never end – at least according to him! Stick around to the end of the post as we have a special giveaway for 4 lucky people! But, first things first, here’s what we did for our Preschool Letter N! I printed out a set of beginning N Vocabulary Cards and mixed them up with a couple of cards from other sets. (Throughout this post, click on the word links to take you to the complete unit in my TpT store, or the pictures to get the freebies!) I then covered the words with some sticky notes, like so… Then Filip said the name of each picture, the beginning sound, and then peeled off the sticky note to check his answer. He LOVED the self-checking aspect of this activity! We then sorted our cards by beginning sound and Filip noticed we had more N cards… As with all our Preschool Letters, we brought out our N Playdough mat and learned letter formation first by finger tracing, then tracing with a white board marker and finally building it using whatever objects we found at home. Today, Filip used unifix cubes. Then, we played our Sound Hound Game, which he continues to love. We are still at the stage where the break-up of sounds is very exaggerated. Our “sound isolation” goes something like this: “N-eck-lace”, “Pri-n-cess”, “ca-bi-n”. We did a Beginning Sounds page using our dot-paints. They are still an all-time favourite for my little man! He then searched for lower and upper case n… He did a lower case writing page from the Measured Mom. And then we moved on to our focus number for the week: number 6! Filip brought out the playdough this time… We finished Day 1 with our Preschool Cut and Paste Number page. We started Day 2 with some more finger and white board tracing and then Filip used Lego bricks to build the Letter N. Filip then used this funky stamp to make his way through our Letter Maze... And then we used glitter paint to do this Q-Tip printable from 1plus1plus1equals1. We moved on to some word-building and Filip ordered our beginning N CVC puzzles to make words. Here are the 4 words he made this week… He was intrigued by the word “nun”, wanting to know if that is a teasing word for the... read more

Preschool Letter M

We are back this week to show you what we did for our Preschool Letter M. Things have been very busy out our house for the past few weeks, reason we’ve been absent from blogging, and we only managed to squeeze in 2 “school days” this week. Here’s a peek at our Preschool Letter M! We started Day 1 with a Beginning Sounds Basket. I filled a basket with some toys that start with the “M” sound… We had a Mickey Mouse mask, a monkey, motorcycle, milk bottle, 2 mice, a mechanic and a lovable minion. Here’s a pic of my lil’ man trying on the Mickey Mouse mask. We moved right along and brought out our playdough mats. After our usual finger tracing practice and white board marker tracing, we took out some blue gems and Filip made the letter M with them, being careful to follow the arrows to ensure correct formation. End result… My! They are SO pretty! We picked these up from Uncle Bucks (Australia) a while ago for literally $2.00. I’m sure you can get them from any craft store, though! Filip is now confidently able to identify beginning sounds for simple words and I wanted to take it up a level to see if he could identify our focus letter in initial, medial and final positions in words. So, we brought out our Sound Hound and got busy sorting the picture cards by sound position. He was deifintely ready for the challenge and absolutely LOVED it! Here is a pic of him sorting the picture cards: And the end result. We will definitely be doing this again next week! (If you’d like to purchase the complete unit, click here!) To change things up this week, we used Dawn DeLorenzo’s Gumball Dot It! Letter M activity page to identify upper and lower case M. Here’s a pic of my lil’ man saying “Mmmm” as he dotted away: And, final result… Excuse the confused lower case m’s at the bottom of the page 🙂 Filip also did a lower case m handwriting practice page from The Measured Mom. Next, it was time for our focus number of the week: 5! As usual, Filip started by finger tracing the number and then used a white board maker once he’d mastered the tricky number 5 formation. We then used our blue gems to trace the number 5. So pretty! We also did a cut and paste Number... read more

Preschool Letter L

Time for Preschool Letter L. We cut this week’s learning down to only 2 days and here is a peek at what we did:  As always, we started with our Alphabet Play Dough Mats. We talked about the strokes needed to form the letter L and then we talked about the similarities and differences between lower case l and the number 1 and even lower case i. Then Filip completed a Letter Find practice page using dot paints. Filip also used dot paints for the Letter Maze. He also did a Beginning Sounds activity and, since he’s not very fond of colouring, I suggested he use some stamps to change things up a bit. Finished page: Next, we brought out our Beginning Sounds Scoops. Here’s a pic of my little man sorting the scoops to the correct cone… All done! Then Filip did the beginning sounds cut and paste activity: Finished result! We  used small sticker gems to complete this page from 1plus1plus1plus1equals1. We also worked on our number for the week: 4 And he did a cut and paste number activity: Can you tell which pictures I coloured?? 😀 We started Day 2 with out Word Slider cards. (If you were waiting for the complete unit, the word slider cards are now available in my TpT store here!) Then we used our CVC words builders to make beginning L words: Once completed, Filip read the words to me. Filip also did a Number 4 maze: And a preschool number 4 worksheet: We finished our Preschool Letter L with this cute little craft: L is for ladybug and l is for lighthouse. We get most of our inspirations for these crafts from my ABC Craft Pinterest board. Check it out for some more alphabet craft ideas! Before I finish this post, I just HAVE to share with you a major accomplishment! 😀 We went to the snow on the weekend and while hubby was busy taking photos of the kids… … my awesome sister-in-law and I built this lovable character… Well, hubby and the kids helped a bit, but it was mostly Naomi and I! AND It was H-U-G-E! After we left, people were lining up to take photos with it. Serious! I was tremendously proud of our effort 🙂 Anyhow, if you’d like the freebies featured in this blog post, you can get them by clicking on the picture below.  Please note: this freebie pack DOES NOT include... read more

Preschool Letter K

My four munchkins and I enjoyed a 2-week break as Australian schools had their Winter holidays before starting Term 3. My greatest joy was not having to do the usual school run in the morning and afternoon… I know. It’s lame. But you don’t understand… you see, we moved house recently… and now, I’m on the road for almost 2 hours JUST to get the kids to school and come back home. So now you understand why NOT having to do that was the highlight for me 🙂 Of course, we also had a couple of days out, celebrated a birthday and even managed to make time to go to the snow. But let’s focus on why we are here today! Preschool Letter of the Week K! Before I begin, I would like to remind you that my little munchkin belongs to that group of kiddos that like to learn; meaning, when his older brothers and sister are doing their homework, he hangs around to watch all the “action” and often peeks over their shoulders as they write away. And so, as I held up the Letter K play dough mat to introduce the letter and letter sound, he said, “That’s a kicking k and it says “k”. It’s almost like “c”, but it doesn’t look the same.” Yep. There you have it; he summed up my 5 minute intro with those 2 sentences. And so we moved on and started work with the Playdough mat. He started by finger tracing the letters, and then used a white board marker, as we had done previously. My aim for letter K was to teach him that “K” made the same sound as “C”, but it just looked different, so I really wanted to focus on letter identification this week instead of letter sounds. So, next, I got out our Letter K Vocabulary Cards and I asked Filip to circle all the “kicking k’s.”   Next, we used out Letter K Letter Find worksheet to work on upper and lower case identification; Filip had a bit of trouble telling the difference and told me he was just going to dot all of them purple. We also worked on letter formation using the Letter K practice page from The Measured Mom. We moved on to our focus number for the week and started by finger tracing the number 3 on the play dough mat. And then Filip used a white board marker: We... read more

Preschool Letter J

Last week we did our Preschool Letter J! We used our Beginning Sounds scoops to start us off. I turned the scoops and cone upside down and Filip turned over each of the three scoops, identified the beginning sound and then checked his guess by turning over the cone. Yep, he was right: they all started with the J sound! As for the previous Preschool Letters, we used our Alphabet Playdough mats and Filip learned the path of motion for J by finger-tracing the letter. When he was confident finger-tracing the letter, he used a whiteboard marker to trace upper and lower case J. He continued with an upper and lower case letter recognition sheet from my Letter Find unit. He loves using his dot paints for these worksheets! (Click on the pictures to get letter J.) Once he found all the letters, we counted the upper case letters and recorded the number in the circle provided. We did the same for the lower case letters. He gets a kick out of seeing who wins – this time it was a tie, much to my little man’s dismay! Next, we practiced identifying the sound of our focus letter, and used this page from my Beginning Sounds Color It unit. This week, we did an upper case letter J. (Click on the pictures to get letter J.) All done! We then moved on to our focus number for the week: 2. Once again, we used our Number Playdough mats to help Filip learn the path of motion for writing the number… He actually makes car sounds as he forms the numbers. Never does this for the letters, but always for the numbers! Interesting! And then, once confident in forming the number, Filip used a whiteboard marker to write the number and colour the dots on the ten frame. Filip also did a number matching cut and paste worksheet… Of course, I helped him colour in! (Click on the picture to get the free unit from my TpT store.) And we finished the first day with a number puzzle. Now, we have just moved into a new house and we don’t have our number posters up. ( Click here to get them free from my TpT store)! This posed a bit of a problem for Filip as he had to rely on his knowledge of number order to correctly place the puzzle strips. (Click on the pictures to download the free unit from Google... read more

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