Preschool Letter D

Preschool Letter D was a tricky one for us! We started out just great, but on day 2, Filip noticed it; yep, he realised that letter b and letter d “look the same”, as he put it. But, before I get on to talking about that, let’s start with Day 1 and what we did! We started off with our beginning sounds basket. Filip took out each item and named them, emphasizing the “d-d-d” sound at the start. After naming the items, and noticing that DVD starts AND ends with d, we moved on and Filip practiced forming the letter D on our Alphabet Play Dough Mat. And then tracing, using our whiteboard markers. This continues to be a favourite for my little man! I bought the following worksheets last year to use with my daughter, but we did not get around to using them! However, I thought Filip could use a change to the usual letter recognition worksheets we did, so we used these worksheets with some stickers!And here he is with the completed page! If you’d like a copy of them, they are available in Dawn’s store on TpT right here! We then did our preschool Letter of the Week Craft, which is always lots of fun! Here is a photo of Filip putting some dotty stickers on the dinosaur. And the end result: We finished the first day with the Alphabet Find It sensory game. We started Day 2 with out Ice Cream beginning sounds sort. And that’s when IT happened.  He noticed that “b” and “d” look the same. No, they don’t sound the same, but they sure look the same and this puzzled my little one. We finished sorting out the pictures. And then we did the cut and paste follow up activity for letters A-D.  (Download the sample from my TpT store here to get the picture scoops for Letters A, B, C, D and cut and paste worksheets for them.) All this time, I was thinking of how to explain the difference between “b” and “d”. Now, I’m addicted  a bit of a Pinterest fan and have come across many ideas of how to teach children the difference between these two tricky letters. I had a light bulb experience then! I remembered seeing a Pin that said, “Little a is in little d”. My mind ticked over and came up with this: I found some corrugated paper and, using the templates located at the end of my  Alphabet Play... read more

Preschool Letter C

It’s our third week into our Preschool Letter of the Week and Filip is now quite familiar with the activities and worksheets we do. I like that he is able to do some of the activities independently, and I’m sure he likes that fact that I don’t have to explain too much anymore 🙂 However, to ensure that he does not get bored, I will add new things every now and then. We started with our beginning sounds basket for the letter C. I filled a basket with toys and other items that I found around the house. Here is what it looked like: We really emphasized the “c” (as in cat) sound at the beginning of each object. (To keep things simple, we are only learning initial letter sounds, so I didn’t teach him the “c” as in city sound.) Next, he finger traced the Letter C Alphabet Play Dough Mat. He knew straight away to look for the dot that indicates the starting place for writing the letter.  Then he traced over the letter with white board markers. He continued with an uppercase and lowercase letter recognition worksheet. He selected a couple of bingo markers/dabbers to “dot paint” the letters with, and he worked independently on this. I showed him the pre-writing practice sheets (From the Pond) and was about to ask whether he wanted to use glue and glitter again this week, but before I got a chance to say anything, he took out his “smelly textas” (fruit-scented, in other words) and got to work right away. Yay! It took him a while to get it done, but he happily persevered and here is the end result! Filip asked for some more school work and I had this printed out from a while ago, so I let him beautify it with some water colours. You can get a copy of it here! We also did our Letter of the Week craft: clouds for the uppercase c using cotton balls and a crab with 2 googly eyes for the lowercase c. If you’d like a template for uppercase and lowercase c, you can get it here. We started Day 2 with a new activity. Here is what it looked like: I don’t know the correct name for this activity, but we called it our “Pin Board”. I wrote a letter c on the pin board, and then Filip pushed the pins in through the tiny holes to form the letter.... read more

Preschool Letter B

We started letter Bb with with our  Alphabet Play Dough Mats, which he absolutely loves. We finger traced a couple of times as he had trouble forming the lowercase b, and then he used some different coloured whiteboard markers to trace each letter. He has a fascination with the whiteboard eraser and loves to “wipe off” his writing with it. Here are a couple of photos of him with the play dough mat: We added a new activity this week – a Bb basket! I filled a basket with some items that begin with the letter B and then we named each of the items, really emphasizing on the initial b sound. Here is what the basket looked like; just some toys and things I found around the house. Here is Filip naming each of the items. We really did over-emphasize the b sound at the beginning and at one point he’s like: “B-b-b… doll?” Hehe! Gotta love the little munchkin for trying! It was actually a boy, not a doll 🙂 Next, we did an uppercase and lowercase letter recognition worksheet , which he decided to paint. We gave the pre-writing practice sheets (From the Pond) another try this week. They are simply too good-of-a-thing to pass up and they really help get those little finger muscles ready for writing. So, I suggested we used glue and glitter this week instead of markers. His reaction? Take a look! He LOVED it!! Even though it was hard to squeeze out all that glue and follow the lines, he was very happy with how his picture turned out! I set up the mini sensory tub using an Alphabet Find It game by Carisa, but Filip was not keen on digging around to find the letters by himself, so I played with him 🙂 We finished off the day with our Letter Bb craft: he had been waiting all day for this as he really likes to cut and paste and make things “come to life” from bits and pieces of paper. Template for the letters is available here, if you’d like to use it. Here is carefully applying the glue in a straight line… And the finished project! We started the following day by doing a beginning sounds sorting activity using the  Letter A vocabulary cards and the letter B vocabulary cards (available in this Phonics Letter of the Week unit). Once again, we really over-emphasized the beginning sound so that he could really hear the “a”... read more

Preschool Letter A

Allow me to begin by telling you how EXCITED my little man was this week! He L-O-V-E-D doing “school work” (worksheets) and “crafts”, this is, anything involving glue!! He thoroughly enjoyed all the activities and that left me feeling like one happy mummy. Having said that, my explanations were too long, according to him. Filip is a do-er. If you put paper and some materials in front of him, he’ll start masterpiece-ing away before you can even open your mouth to explain anything. Now, don’t get me wrong; I’m all for creative work and allowing my kids to express their individual styles in their creations, but we are learning to form the letter A correctly. I know some kids can get pretty creative with their letter formation, but it’s harder to “unlearn” incorrect formation than to teach correct letter formation from the start. And we are definitely going to learn correct formation! Here’s a peek into our week! I printed off a set of Alphabet Play Dough Mats, laminated them and we were ready to begin. Here is my little man using his finger to trace over big A and little a. He did this a couple of times. I used verbal cues to remind him of correct formation. Uppercase A went something like this: Start at the dot – go all the way down – stop – jump back to the dot – go all the way down – stop – jump to the middle and across. Lowercase A was: Start at the dot – go all the way around – go all the way up – stop – come back down – stop. These cues were of great help and I used them all week.   Next, he used a Whiteboard marker. He enjoyed this much more than the finger tracing. We then moved on and did some “Dot Painting” using bingo dabbers to aid letter identification; he used green for the uppercase letters and red for the lowercase letters. I used a set I created (available here). We tried some pre-writing practice using a set by Mel (From the Pond), but Filip was not keen on tracing over the lines. I love these worksheets, however, and I’d like to give them another try next week, but perhaps using something more interesting than textas. I’ll see what I come up with by next week! We also did a craft which Filip absolutely loved. I cut out the letter... read more

Where to begin…?

I have always loved the idea of teaching my children and I feel that Filip is ready to begin something “more formal”. Well, he’s been asking for quite some time to do “school work”, so why not!! I was not quite sure where to begin and didn’t know exactly what Filip already knew so I did a mini assessment to help me work things out. I discovered that my little man can identify almost all uppercase and lowercase letters, can form some of the uppercase letters, or will try to write them, but is not yet able to form any lowercase letters. He knows to count from 1 to 20 and knows the basic colours and shapes. While he did pick up most of what he knows from Letter School and other educational apps, and his older brothers and sister, I like to think I had an input somewhere too 🙂 Now that I had a good idea of what he knew, it was time to decide what I wanted to teach him. The most important factor to keep in mind is that I won’t be homeschooling him for long – just until he starts Prep. The school he will be attending teaches children to read and write using a Phonics programme called LEM Phonics. So, it only made sense to begin our “formal learning” by learning letter sounds! I’ve also decided to teach him correct formation for both uppercase and lowercase at the same time. My eldest son struggled a lot with letter reversals in Grade 1 and I’d like to avoid that all costs with Filip. At this point in time, I will only be focusing on the letters of the alphabet as we will begin by spending 1 to 1 and half hours three times a week learning together. And so our journey will begin soon with the first letter of the Alphabet!... read more

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