Preschool Letter S

Welcome to Preschool Letter S!   (Throughout this Preschool Letter S post, click the hyperlinked words to take you to the complete unit in my TpT store/original resource link, or click on the pictures to get the freebies!) Below, Filip is carefully shaping out the play dough on our letter S play dough mat. Once completed, he put on some sequins to make each S look like a snake, as pictured above. We then took out our laminated Letter S Write and Wipe cards and Filip practiced tracing upper case, lower case and then mixed upper and lower case S using a whiteboard marker. This week, we used Dawn DeLorenzo’s Gumball Dot It! Letter S activity page to identify upper and lower case S. Next, Filip dot-painted the pictures that begin with the S sound on this worksheet from my Beginning Sounds: Color It unit. We moved on and sorted S cards by sound position using my Sound Hound unit. This is always lots of fun for Filip and he is needing less and less help with sounding out the words and figuring out where they belong. This week, I introduced a new play dough mat for our number focus. Since Filip has had good practice learning to form the numbers with our previous mats, I decided to shift the focus from learning to write numbers to counting and matching/following a sequence. Here is Filip building a unifix tower to go with the Number 11 play dough mat from my Play Dough Mats with unifix cubes unit. This was a HUGE hit! Filip loved building the tower and matching up the cubes, then checking to make sure he had done the colour order correctly. (We didn’t have any purple cubes, so we used dark blue instead; eh, close enough 😉 ) Here is the finished mat.  We finished Day 1 with the number 11 page from my Number Concepts unit. Day 2 was PJ day at our house. Well… no. Not really. Filip just insisted on staying in his PJs for longer than usual. Eh, no biggie! Anywhoooo…. Here he is dotting his way through an upper and lower case S maze. Next, Filip practiced writing upper and lower case S and reading CVC words using the S page from my Introducing the Alphabet packet. Voila! All done! Then we read some CVC words using the beginning S cards from my CVC Word Slider Cards unit. Filip has come a long way with these cards and can now blend very well. Yay for my lil’ man 😀 Then Filip ordered beginning S CVC Puzzles to make CVC words.... read more

CVC Easter Eggs Word Work Center

FREE CVC Easter Eggs Word Work Center Plastic eggs are great for making learning fun during Easter! I bought some from Woolworth’s (Australia) the other week and started looking on Pinterest  for word work ideas that were flexible enough for me to use with Filip (preschool) and Cami (Grade 1). I found a few ideas and I especially liked this one from Creekside Learning. It was perfect for Filip, but Cami would need more of a challenge. So, I made my own set. My princess begged me to take photos of her (for once) so here they are! She was SUPER – and I mean SUPER – excited about it! Before opening each egg, she tried to guess what word was inside…   Once the contents spilled out, she arranged the letter tiles to make the picture shown on the card.   Then she wrote the words on the response sheet.   Once completed, she coloured the pictures. And that, my friends, is a quick “Show and Tell” of my CVC Easter Egg activity. This was an easy one for my princess, but she sure had fun! Click on the picture below to download your complete, FREE copy of the activity! I hope your kiddos have as much fun with this activity as mine did!... read more

Sunday School Creation: Light

I love the story of Creation and teaching it to my little dears. It is a short passage in the Bible, but we teach each day of Creation separately. Our aim is, first and foremost, to help the kiddos understand that God is the Creator of all things. Then we try to help them learn what God created during each day. I made a Creation booklet which you can download here or by clicking on the image below. To download the Romanian version, click here. I started by showing them this picture. (This is not my original idea; it’s inspired from Bible Kids Fun Zone. I have a subscription and LOVE the lesson plans and printables available there.) “What is this?” I asked my kiddos. They totally ignored our “Raise hand to speak” rule (which we had just finished revising) and started calling the answers out. Ahem! Hands please! “It’s a puzzle. More importantly, it’s a puzzle of the world we live in now. But, in the beginning, our world was quite different! In fact, there were no trees, clouds, sun, people, animals, water or fish.” As I told them this, I removed each piece from the puzzle until there was nothing left. “What do you see now?” I asked them. “Nothing!” “Black!” “Dark!” “Paper!” they replied. “That’s right! It was dark! BUT, in that darkness, Someone was there! God was there! “ To prove just how dark it was, I took out my shoe-box and asked each kiddo to take a look through the front hole. (This is an idea from by Janae from I Can Teach My Child. Please visit her post for instructions on how to make and use this box.) I asked them again, “What do you see?” to which the responded, “Nothing!” “But then,” I told them in a hushed tone. “God SPOKE!” And He said: “Let there be LIGHT!” I asked each kiddo to look through the hole again. As they looked, I said, “Let there be light!” and switched on the flash light. “I can see the light!” my little dears squealed! After each child had a turn, I brought out some glitter bottles to help us re-tell the story of Creation. (There are many versions of how to make these glitter bottles floating around the internet. To make my two bottles, I used a tube of silver and gold glitter glue, black and white watercolor paint, fine and bigger glitter, some clear – and I stress... read more

Preschool Letter R

Preschool Letter R (Throughout this Preschool Letter R post, click on the hyperlinked words to take you to the complete unit in my TpT store or original resource link, or the pictures to get the freebies!) Preschool Letter R was a fun and colourful week for us! We started with our letter R play dough mat! Filip shaped the letter with kinetic sand and then he pushed some colored wooden beads into the sand. Next, we worked on upper and lower case letter R recognition with this page from my Letter Find packet. Dot paints make worksheets fun 😉   Then Filip coloured all the pictures the begin with the “r” sound with the letter R page from my Beginning Sounds: Color It unit. He also practiced writing upper and lower case R, saying the the “r” sound as he went. (Alphabet Write and Wipe packet). And then we sorted the letter R cards from my Sound Hound unit. We moved on to the Numeracy part of our table work. This week, the focus was Number 10. I placed the Number 10 play dough mat under the mosaic pin board and Filip placed the pins following the directions on the mat underneath. Easy-peazy and so much fun! We finished Day 1 with our Preschool Numbers cut and paste 10 page. We started Day 2 with an upper and lower case R maze. Then Filip practice writing upper and lower case and reading some CVC words. Next, Filip read the beginning letter R CVC words from my CVC Word Slider Cards unit. Then Filip ordered the beginning letter R puzzles from my CVC Puzzles unit to make CVC words.   We finished Day 2 with our beginning letter R Phoneme Segmentation Cards. We started Day 3 with our beginning letter R CVC cut and paste word work page. Can you spot my sweetheart’s error? 😉 Then we assembled and read our “AN” word family flip-flip book. Moving on to Numeracy, Filip followed the Number 10 through the maze. Then he practiced writing the Number 10 and displaying it on the base ten-block. Next, we read our Number 10 flip-book and Filip used dot paints to dot and count the sea animals on each page. Of course, our Preschool learning would not be complete without our letter craft! This week, we did upper case R for rain and rainbow and lower case r for red rooster. Yes. We used sequins! Great for fine motor, but Filip needed me to help him.... read more