Preschool Letter U

  Preschool Letter U (Throughout this Preschool Letter U post, click the hyperlinked words to take you to the complete unit in my TpT store/original resource link, or click on the pictures to get the freebies!) Our hair gel and gel beads sensory bag from Letter T was a huge hit with my lil’ learner, so we used it again this week. Here is the completed Letter U on our play dough mats. Next, Filip found all the upper and lower case U’s from our Letter T Letter Find packet. We then did a Letter U beginning sound page from our Beginning Sounds: Color It unit. The only words Filip knew were umbrella and underwear… the other words were “unhappy”, “uncle”, “up” and “umbrella-bird”. “Words with U are so hard to find!” he says… sigh…    Next, he practiced writing upper and lower case U using a whiteboard marker on our Write and Wipe cards. Then we sorted some picture cards from our Sound Hound unit to show the sound position of the “U” in each word. “Why are there no words that end with U?” he asked. Sigh again… He then counted out 13 unifix cubes and made the pattern from our Number 13 Play Dough Mat. Then, using the gel sensory bag, he made out the number 13. We started Day 2 with a an upper and lower case U maze. Filip decided to use pink and purple stamps to make his way through the maze… Then Filip practiced writing the Letter U and reading the CVC words on this worksheet from our Introducing the Alphabet packet. We finished Day 2 with a fine motor Letter U printable from 1plus1plus1equals1. He LOVES these pages! We did Day 3 during the setting of the afternoon sun, so we ask the you please excuse the glare from the right side and poor image quality 😉 Here he is, dotting at Dawn DeLorenzo’s Gumball Dot It! Letter U activity page.   Next, Filip dotted his way through the  Number 13 maze. Then completed a Number 13 worksheet. We did a Letter U sound page, this time looking for the  “U” in the middle sound position. This is available in our Ending and Middle Sound Color It! Packet. Then we read our “ED” word family flip-flip book. And finished the week off with a letter U craft! U for underwater and for umbrella. And there you have it! Another Preschool Letter of the week all done! Click here to download a pdf. with all the FREEBIES from this post. (Please note: the freebie pack DOES NOT include freebies... read more

Sunday School Creation: Day 3 Land and Plants

We started Day 3 of Creation by talking about what God had made on Day 1 and Day 2. I brought out the sensory bottles as we talked about each day, and then I introduced our Day 3 sensory bottle. To make this bottle, I followed the directions from “My Little 3 and Me” blog post. I decided not to add real flowers as I am hoping this bottle will last for a couple of years (fingers crossed, folks!!) and put in some felt ones and small circle sequins. If it gets icky come next year, I will just make a new bottle with real flowers; the bottle with real flowers does look much prettier! My little dears were mesmerized. They each wanted to have a turn shaking the bottle and enjoyed watching the contents settle. We talked about how God rolled back the seas and dry ground appeared. I told them how thankful I am that God made dry ground because, well, folks, I’m not much of a swimmer. And if I had to swim instead of walk… well, that would make things a little difficult for me! And now, because God had made dry land appear I don’t have to swim everywhere, but can walk! We talked about how God also made the hills, mountains, valleys and flat land. And, to pretty things up, God decorated them with beautiful flowers and trees and other types of wonderful plants. (Click here to get the Creation Bible story in English and here to get it in Romanian.) We then moved on to talk about the different plants that God had created. I explained that, even though there are so many different types of plants, they all need the same things to grow. And, because God is so wonderfully wise, He knew the things that plants would need to grow and He made sure He had made them in the first and second days of creation! So, we did a little sorting activity. We sorted pictures to show what plants needed to grow and things that they did not need. My kiddos had a good giggle at the pizza image 😉 (Click here to download the sorting activity in ENGLISH and here in ROMANIAN. ) Once we finished the activity, the kiddos each had a chance to make the flower pictured below. I was fortunate to find the cute buckets on sale at a discount store, but yoghurt tubs would work just as well. We stuck some felt flowers on to the inside of... read more

Preschool Letter T

Preschool Letter T It’s taken a while to do our Preschool Letter T, but here it finally is! (Throughout this Preschool Letter T post, click the hyperlinked words to take you to the complete unit in my TpT store/original resource link, or click on the pictures to get the freebies!) We started with our Letter T Play Dough Mats. I wanted to change things up a bit for my little man, so, this week, I filled a large snap-lock bag with some hair gel and gel beads and squished the beads around to form the letters. My little man had lots of fun pushing and squishing the beads around to form upper and lower case T. Here is the final result: He also did a Letter T Letter Find page… And practiced writing upper case and lower case T with our Write and Wipe Cards: And here are the writing cards, all completed: Filip also did a Letter T Sound Hound sorting game… Here are the cards sorted by beginning, middle and ending sound positions: Then we did the cut and paste activity from our Beginning Sounds Scoops unit. My little man is telling me that he knows all the pictures… Easy-peezy. Of course, Filip also did a Number 12 Play Dough Mat using our new squishy bag and unifix cubes. We Started Day 2 with a Letter T Maze: And then used some beads to do this Q-Tip Printable…. Filip also did a Letter T word work page: He read our beginning T word slider cards… We are still working on getting rid of the “uh” sound at the end of some of the letters. He’s catching on, though!   OK. This is a HUGE milestone for us. For the FIRST TIME EVER, he sounded out the words on our CVC Phonoeme Segmentation Cards and wrote down each letter! I was SO excited! Here he is, unsure of how to write the letter “e” and looking on our Alphabet Posters for guidance.   Voila! A very good “e” if I do say so myself 🙂 And here are all the cards he did! So proud of my little man! Day 3 started with a beginning T CVC cut and paste page. This time around, we didn’t cut out all the letter tiles, but kept them together and matched them to each word. Then Filip dotted his way through a Number 12 maze. Next he did a Number 12 worksheet. He read and ET Word Family book. He liked... read more