Preschool Letter V

Preschool Letter V (Throughout this Preschool Letter V post, click the hyperlinked text to take you to the complete unit in my TpT store/original resource link, or click on the pictures to get the freebies!) As we have always done on day 1 of  our Preschool Letter of the Week, I brought out our Alphabet play dough mats and Filip first traced the letter V with his finger, then built them with some play dough. Filip then practiced writing the letter V with dry-erase markers on our Alphabet Write and Wipe cards. To aid upper and lower case letter recognition, Filip did an Alphabet Find activity using our alphabet stamps this time. We also focused on beginning sounds. And then we brought out our Sound Hound activity and we sorted the picture cards by beginning, medial and final sound positions. We finished day 1 with a number 14 play dough mat. We started day 2 started with a letter V maze. We also read some CVC words and our very first CVCC word using our letter V Word Slider cards. Next, we did a letter V and word word page. This has become a favourite for us – Filip loves that he can independently read the words on the page and I love seeing his confidence grow as a beginning reader. Then Filip did some beginning letter V puzzles. We finished the first day with our Phoneme Segmentation cards. I was one proud mummy watching my little fella’ sound out each word and then write each letter in the correct box. We started Day 3 with a beginning letter V CVC cut and paste activity – there were only two words on this particular page! Easy peazy! Next, Filip read the -en Word Family Flap Flap reader. Not forgetting about our Number study, Filip dotted his way through a Number 14 maze. And then a Number 14 worksheet. We finished our Preschool Letter of the Week V with an upper and lower case craft. And there you have it! Preschool Letter V all done! Click here to download a pdf. with all the FREEBIES from this post. (Please note: the freebie pack DOES NOT include freebies linked to my online... read more

Sunday School Creation: Day 5 Birds and Fish

I’d like to begin with an apology to everyone who has been waiting for me to continue with the Creation series. Due to family and work commitments, I had to put blogging on hold for a while, but I am back this week to show you what my little dears and I did for Day 5 of Creation. Please note: The printables in this post are available in English or Romanian and can be downloaded at the end of this post. We started by talking about what God had created on the previous days. I brought out the Darkness and Light sensory bottles from Day 1, the Clouds and Ocean sensory bottle from Day 2, the Land and Plants sensory bottle from Day 3 and the Sun, Moon and Stars sensory bottles from Day 4 and we talked about what was in each one and. I then brought out the sensory bottles for Day 5 and I asked my little dears to try and guess what God had created… This bottle shows the sky and the different birds that God created. (As I didn’t have enough big bird pictures/stickers to put in, I added some butterfly ones… I know butterflies weren’t created on Day 5, but my kiddos got the idea that God made “things with wings” on  this particular day to fly across the sky). Then I brought out the second bottle and we talked about the different fish and sea creatures that God also created. The kids absolutely loved this second bottle: I put in some small sea shells and blue and clear gems and they made the most delightful sound as the bottle was turned upside down. We then checked to make sure that our answers were correct by reading from our Creation Story Book. (Click here to get the Creation Bible story in English and here to get it in Romanian.) We then played a sorting game with some sensory tubs that I made up for my little dears. I filled the first sensory tub with blue Easter grass and some white cotton balls. For the ocean sensory tub, I filled it up with some blue water beads, different coloured shells and some plastic fish tank grass. My kids had lots of fun playing with the contents and sorting the different creatures to their correct tub. We wrapped up our lesson with two paper plate crafts. A bird… And a fish… Of course, there was a take home booklet too! Click here to get the printables in English. Click here... read more

Back to School Preschool Centers Morning Tubs / Bins

We are getting back into school work and I thought it would be nice to show you some of the activities included in the Back to School Preschool centers unit I recently made! We took a long break from blogging. O.K; we took a very l-o-o-ng break! I knew it would be impossible to keep doing “school work” with Filip, blog about it AND create new resources, so I decided to focus on work for a while. We started with a line tracing activity. This actually proved to be a difficult task for Filip as he struggled to make a straight line down. He insisted on resting his has on the table as he traced down the lines, creating all kinds of funky little zig-zags. (Click the photo to get it!) On the last try, he decided to take my advice and he lifted his hand off the table as he traced down. See? Perfect line! Next, he helped get the lost Nursery Rhyme characters back into their storybooks by tracing the curved lines, left to right. (Click the photo to get it!) Then, we worked on some fine motor skills with an alphabet sorting center.(Click the photo to get letters A-D.) Seeing as my lil’ man’s name starts with F, we decided to practice tracing F with this page. As with our play dough mats, Filip started by finger-tracing the letter. (Click the photo to get upper and lower case letters A-D.) Personally, I like these tracing mats more than the play dough mats we have been using for our Preschool Letter of the Week series. I just love the fact that the directions are inside the letter and show the exact beginning point for each stroke. Of course, the dotted tracing line is also perfect for young kiddos learning to write! We then did some number sorting by placing the crayons into the correct packets. (Click the photo to get numbers 1-3). Filip sorted the crayons by putting them inside each packet… But you could also sort them by placing the crayons under each corresponding number packet. While  we were absent from blogging, Filip turned 5. Yep. My baby is a big boy now, so he tells me. For this reason, we decided to use the number 5 tracing mat. (Click the photo to get numbers 1-3). And then we used some dice, 5 side up, to represent the number on the 10 frame. We also sorted some objects by color. Of course, the jars can also be used for sorting objects from your home or classroom –... read more