Preschool Letter X

Preschool Letter X (Throughout this Preschool Letter X post, click the hyperlinked text to take you to the complete unit in my TpT store/original resource link, or click the pictures to get the freebies!) Letter X… Is it OK if I don’t like this letter? I mean, besides “x-ray”, are there any words that begin with the “x” sound? It is an impossible letter to teach, unless you teach it as an ending sound, or teach its 2 sounds from the beginning… which we are not. Anywho, here’s what we did on our single day of Preschool Letter X! We started with a Letter Find page. And moved on to our CVC word work page. (Just in case you’re wondering, Filip DID ask why all the Xs are at the end of the words!) We also did a CVC word building activity. In the past, I usually kept the words intact and Filip just glued them on whole. This time, I asked my little man to cut out each letter to see whether he could sequence the letters correctly as he really struggles with this when writing. But he did really well! We finished the day off with a letter craft: X for Xylophone and x for x-ray. And there you have it: Letter X all in one day! … I’m liking the feeling of short posts! 😉 Click here to download a pdf. with all the FREEBIES from this... read more

Sunday School Adam and Eve

Sunday School Adam and Eve This week, we started our lesson by talking about rules. We all agreed that, at times, rules are annoying because we can’t do what we want, but, they help to keep us and others safe. We went through our Sunday School rules and talked about how each one keeps us or others safe and what the natural consequences would be if we broke a specific rule as well as the punishment that might be dished out by teachers if one continues to break the rules. We didn’t get to play our “Obey the Signs” game as we left it until the end of the lesson and ran out of time! (Note for next year: play a short game at the START of lesson!) However, it is a fantastic game for helping kiddos to understand the importance of obeying rules. To play this game, have children line up in front of you. Stand on the opposite side of the room and call out, “Go!” or “Stop!” When you say GO, the children move towards you. When you say STOP, they must stop. The first child to reach you wins. A child must go back to the starting point if they continue to move forward once you’ve called “Stop!” (You could also play this as a “Musical Statues” game, substituting the music for the signs.) Once the game is finished, ask the children some questions, such as: How can you tell who wins? Quite evidently, the person who followed the rules AND got to the teacher first. What are the consequences of not playing by the rules? Going back to the starting point and possibly giving up your chances of winning! We then talked about the man God had created – Adam. God made a beautiful garden for Adam called Eden and his job was to look after the plants and animals. However, Adam felt lonely because he didn’t have a friend. So God, made a woman and Adam named her Eve! She was the perfect friend for Adam. They both lived in the beautiful garden and were very happy. God told them to eat the fruit from any tree in the garden EXCEPT the one that was in the middle of the garden. God gave them a rule. To help with the retelling of what happened in the garden, I made a a story box. The clip art I used is available for purchase from Kari Bolt’s store. I asked my kiddos what they thought: would Adam and Eve listen to... read more