Kindergarten Morning Bins | Tubs | Centers Set 3

Hello again! I just uploaded the third set of Kindergarten Morning Bins to my TpT store and wanted to show you all that’s included AND to let you know that my whole store will be 25% off for the next 48 hours! So, let’s just get on with it 🙂 Upper Case Letter Tracing Children will flip through the cards and find the matching letter on the write and wipe card. They will then trace the letter. Lower Case Letter Tracing Children will flip through the cards and find the matching letter on the write and wipe card. They will then trace the letter. Missing Upper Case Letters Children will identify the missing letter and place it in the empty box. Missing Lower Case Letters Children will identify the missing letter and place it in the empty box. What is the Beginning Sound? Children will identify the common beginning sound and place the correct letter in the empty box. CVC Word Puzzles Children will put the puzzle strips together to make CVC words. Rhyming Words Children will identify which two words rhyme with the first by clipping a peg on their answers. Sight Words: Scrambled letters Children will identify which set of two contain the letters needed to spell the focus sight word. Prepositions: hamster and fox Children will identify the position of the animals and clip a peg on the correct position. Visual Discrimination Cards: Which set matches the picture? Children will the set of colored circles that match the tower. Visual Discrimination Cards: Which set matches the picture? Children will draw the pattern with the missing element on the erasable board. Select the Correct Set of Directions Children will select the set of directions that shows the correct path for the car to get to the flag. Coat and Button Colors Children will sort the buttons to the matching colored coat. Button Patterns Children will recreate the pattern on the card using the colored buttons. Picture Symmetry Children will complete the other half of the picture by mirroring the first half. Number Tracing Children will flip through the cards and find the matching number on the write and wipe card. They will then trace the number. Missing Numbers Children will identify the missing number and place it in the empty box. What is the Number? Children will identify the common number and place the correct number in the empty box. Counting Gumballs Children will put in the... read more

Alphabet Play Dough | Play Doh Mats

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all doing well! Just wanted to pop in real quick to show you all that’s included in my newest play dough mat packet! I’d also like to say a big thank you to my daughter who assembled and took photos of the mats for me to show you guys the contents 🙂 If you’d like to purchase this packet, please click here or the image below. And, for a limited time, you will get 50% off! Happy Teaching... read more

FREE Phonics Letter of the Week B

If you are looking for something to help with letter recognition, letter formation and phonetic sounds, then this pack is for you! This Phonic Letter of the Week pack is a huge package all about the focus letter “B” and is suitable for children in Kindergarten (Prep). It is packed with a variety of fun activities, games and coloring and cut and paste worksheets. All of these are designed to help teach children the correct letter formation, letter identification and recognition of the letter sound for “B”. This workbook is packed with an assortment of activities but because it is a part of the Phonics Letter of the Week series (to which this unit belongs) is that great emphasis can be placed on the letter sound which makes it ideal for teaching phonics. 1. Simply print the activities you wish to use and any corresponding pages related to the activity. To support this learning pack, a poster of the letter B with the correct letter formation is provided to print, laminate and display on your wall to use as a guide and teaching aide. Before getting stuck into the pages, have the children first say the letter sound for ‘B’ aloud to reinforce the connection between the visual letter and the phonetic sound it makes. This will help them remember the letter more efficiently as multiple areas of learning and connections be made in the brain. 2. There is also a poster with CVC words for the letter ‘B’ that can be printed, laminated and displayed for your children to have them visually available to assist in their learning. 3. Flash cards with correct letter formation can be used as flash cards, tracing cards or even as posters. You may print, laminate and cut apart (optional). 4. Here we have the play dough mat to assist in letter formation of the letter ‘B’. This is such a fun hands-on activity your kiddos will enjoy rolling, squishing and shaping while building fine motor skills and learning to form the letter. Print, laminate, get some play dough out and you’re set! 5. Write and wipe cards with correct letter formation These are super cute, and such a fun way to learn to correctly form the letter with number line guides and even more amazing is that they can be re-used for many years by laminating them. Who doesn’t love writing with dry erase markers? Fun to write and fun to wipe!... read more

Sunday School Lesson 16: A New Name For Jacob

We started off with reviewing Lesson 15 using last week’s lesson aids and asking the little ones what they remembered. We talked about Isaac and Rebekah’s twin boys, Esau and Jacob, and how they were so different despite being twins. We asked them what the two brothers liked to do, about the special privileges Esau had for being born first and what he gave Jacob for a bowl of soup. We asked the class how Esau felt about Jacob taking his special blessing too, by tricking their father and what Jacob had to do! We ended the recap with how Jacob had to run away and was all alone but God told him that He will take care of Jacob and be with him, and Jacob trusted God because…. God always keeps His promises! This brought us to Lesson 16! We began with Jacob arriving at his uncle Laban’s house where his mother sent him. We used the lesson aids to keep the little ones captivated while telling the story. We talked about Laban’s two daughters called Leah and Rachel and how Jacob wanted to marry Rachel but he was tricked into marrying Leah first. Jacob had to work a total of 14 years so he could marry Rachel! We asked the children how Jacob might have felt for being tricked and if they remembered someone else being tricked from last week’s lesson! Of course, they remembered how Jacob tricked his father in getting the special blessing that belonged to Esau. We discussed how sometimes God might take us through an experience to help us understand how someone might feel so it can help us not to do it again. We gave an example of maybe them not sharing their new birthday toy with their sibling only to have a friend or cousin not wanting to share something with them. We talked about those feeling and if you know how someone else is feeling you might think twice about being mean because you know how it feels when someone else is being mean to you. We continued the story by talking about Jacob having 12 sons while living at his uncle’s house. We put a finished craft of the 12 brothers on the board and counted them with the class. (If anyone knows the original publisher of this craft, please let me know who they are so I can link back to them. I know that you will probably... read more

Math Centers: Word Problems for August

Hi everyone, I have another super fun August Math Word Problem activity book for you! This one has some similarities with the previous Math Word Problem booklet, but is a little different too. So let’s get stuck into it! This booklet contains 4 addition and subtraction math word problem activites. Each activity has a colourful printable main activity card with matching cut-out manipulatives. There are also 4 worded additional problem cards and 4 worded subtraction problem cards alongside a recording page for each. The recording page will be very useful for the kiddos to show their working out. These are so simple to use and such a great way to get kiddos learning how to correctly do math word problems. Simply print and laminate for durability if you wish to reuse them again and again. Cut along the dashed lines and cut out the matching manipulatives. Print out the recording page, or multiples of and store them together until you are ready to use. The printable activity manipulatives are bright and colourful to make it even more appealing for the kiddos. These are suitable for Kindergarten (Prep) and Grade 1 students that are able to read. On the recording page, children have the opportunity to draw the math problem in picture form, counting cubes to colour or cross out, a tens frame, number line, equation writing and final answer spot. All of these methods will all show different number representations and working out processes for the final answer. Children are to read the word problem from the word problem cards (which are numbered at the top to show which card they complete on the recording page). Next they can use the provided printable activity page and manipulatives to put together the word problem. Finally, they can use the recording page to show working out of the answer. The children will have a spot to write their answer as a mathematical numeral equation and also as a written word answer.  Multiple copies of the recording page can be printed for children to complete more than one math card word problem if they wish to. This would be great to do as an individual learning task but it could absolutely be done in a group setting or at table time, even buddied-up in pairs to work together to solve the problem. This could be beneficial if you plan to promote social bonding or if you have quiet/shy children that may need... read more

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