Preschool Autumn/ Fall Worksheets

Hey everyone! Since we are going with the theme of Autumn, I have put together another super fun collection of worksheets suitable for Pre-school, Pre-Kindergarten, Transitional kindergarten and Kindergarten (Prep) aged children. If you wish to check out my Kindergarten Autumn packages, see Autumn Kindergarten Math and Autumn Kindergarten Literacy in the blog section. Autumn Preschool Activities and Worksheets is a work book collection of activities that have you covered for introducing both literacy and numeracy! I have created these worksheets to support fine motor development, pencil grip development, letter identification, sight word introduction and reading practice. Children will enjoy tracing, coloring, matching, cutting, pasting and even get to create an Autumn themed hanging mobile! The beginning pages of this workbook are very basic and simple activities-perfect to gently introduce children to writing and pencil control before they jump into further letter formation and reading pratice. Children have a leaf tracing practice sheet before beginning the alphabetic letter tracing pages to get comfortable with pencil grip. The alphabet tracing (26 pages) which will assist the children to identify each alphabetic letter in both uppercase and lowercase format. They get to ‘see’ and read a word beginning with that letter to make a connection with the letter sound. This is great for children beginning to write as it guides them to correct letter formation and better pencil control. To better their practice, these could be printed and laminated to be able to be re-used and practiced over and over. Using a dry erase marker, they can complete the page then can wipe clean for next use. Much like the Autumn Kindergarten Math and Autumn Kindergarten Literacy packs, this workbook contains similar activities, though of course targeted to teach beginner learners. Children will also be introduced to some simple numeracy worksheets in this pack which will kickstart their cognitive development. They have the opportunity to learn to match, trace, learn size order, trace shapes, write numbers, complete patterns and count + graph also. Following is a fun scavenger hunt recording page which can be very exciting for kiddos to get outside and physically find the pictured items. They get to color in the smiley face alongside the picture once they have found that item. Finally to complete the workbook, there is a directional drawing page for ‘My senses in Autumn’ where children are encouraged to draw a picture for each of their senses. You will not be disappointed with these prepared... read more

Editable Sight Word Centers: Sight Word Apples

Apples, apples, apples! Here is an editable sight word activity to complement your apple theme or to use in your word work center all year round if you wanted to. As with all my editable sight word activities, included are center instructions and a recording page. The best thing about editable activities is that you can use them for many other things. You can get your kiddos to practice their names. You can do upper and lower case letter matching activities. You can even do sentence matching activities. These are just a few ideas. How do you use these type of editable activities? Happy Teaching 🙂 If you’d like to purchase this resource, click here or on the image... read more

Fire Safety & Firefighter Worksheets for Kindergarten

Hello everyone! I have a new packet all about fire safety and firefighters. Here are the contents and some pictures to give you a better idea of what’s included: Directions for use Following is an outline of the worksheets included in this unit and suggestions for use. Fire Safety Rules poster: Children trace the words and color the picture. Fire Safety Rules coloring pages (5 pages): Children trace the words and color the picture. Fire Drill Steps poster: Children trace the words and color the picture. Fire Drill Steps coloring book (5 pages): Children trace the words and color the picture. Stop, Drop, Roll coloring page (boy and girl versions): Children trace the words and color the pictures. What should I do? Children color a picture to show what they should do in each fire-related situation. Emergency Number 911/000: Children color and trace the number they should call when there is an emergency. Firefighter hat: Children cut out the firefighter hat and strips and assemble to make a wearable paper hat. Tracing Practice: Children trace and color the picture. House on Fire Maze: Children trace the path through the house from the firefighters to the sleeping puppy. Label the Firefighter: Children cut out the labels from the bottom of the page and paste them in the correct spot. Alphabet Sequence: Children trace the lower case letters, then write the ones that are missing. Letter Match (4 pages): Children cut out the lower case letters from the bottom of the page and paste them next to the corresponding upper case letter. Beginning Sounds (2 pages): Children cut out the lower case letters from the bottom of the page (which they can trace before cutting) and paste them under the picture with the matching beginning sound. Rhyming Words: Children select the two pictures from each row that rhyme. Sight Words (5 pages): Children cut out the sight words from the side of the page and paste them next to the matching fire hydrant. Syllables: Children determine how many syllables in each word and color the circle with the correct number. Sentence-Picture Match: Children cut out the pictures from the bottom of the page and paste them next the to sentence that matches. Fix the Sentences: Children rewrite 4 sentences correctly using beginning capital letters, ending punctuation, name capitalization and correcting incorrect capitalization errors in words. Prepositions: Children look at a picture and read five sentences, then select the correct preposition. Reading... read more

Autumn Fine Motor Peg Board Activities

Hey everyone! After doing the BTS Fine Motor peg boards, I decided to try a new type of board and pegs that would make the picture clearer. I think the new boards are spectacular. What do you think? I’m from Australia and purchased the peg boards from Modern Teaching Aids. As you can see in the photo above, my printable patterns are a little big for the new peg boards. If you’d like your kiddos to place the plastic board on the pattern and for it to match exactly, you will need to reduce in scale when printing. Anyhow, moving along! Here are all the patterns I’ve included in this packet! If you would like to purchase this Autumn peg board packet, click here or on the image... read more

Autumn Literacy Worksheets for Kindergarten

Hey everyone 🙂 If you are after some Autumn themed worksheets targeted at literacy development, then this work pack is or you! Included is a collection of activities that cover a wide variety of skills in literacy that include letter recognition, letter beginning sounds, vocabulary building, sight word practice, word family grouping and much more! These are suitable for use with children in Kindergarten (Prep) and are so simple to prepare for use. Simply print them at your convenience and they are ready to go! Children can color, cut, paste as well as do some matching activities while they practice their fine motor development while doing so. First up we have Autumn Tree Alphabet match (upper and lower case letters-6 pages). Children are to identify the appropriate lowercase letter to the capital letter shown on the tree. Dot paints or coloring pencils may be used to color to show their match. Autumn leaves missing cut and paste (2 pages) Children can cut and paste the letters provided in the bottom of the page and paste them into the correct spot to complete the sequence. Pumpkin Letter and Word Sorting This is a great identification activity for children to sort alphabetic letters on one side and words on the other. Children can cut and paste them into the correct columns. Autumn How Many Words in A Sentence? (2 pages-with and without counting dots) Children can read the sentence and must count how many words there are and write their answer. This is great because it connects literacy and numeracy in one activity as they practice reading and counting to complete the task. A page with counting dots is provided for children who may find this difficult. Autumn Beginning Sounds (2 pages) These pages are a simple but great way to get kiddos to practice letter sound recognition. Children are to examine the pictures, say the name of the picture and determine which letter is the beginning sound for that word by coloring it in. Autumn Syllables (2 pages) Children are to read aloud the name of each picture and color in the correct circle to show how many syllables the word contains. Autumn Beginning blends Children must identify the correct beginning blend for each word and color in their answer. To assist, encourage them to say the word out loud to ‘hear’ the beginning blend sound. Squirrel and Acorns Word families (5 pages) Kiddos will love these color, cut and... read more

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