Thanksgiving No Prep Preschool Worksheets & Activities

Hello! I hope you’re well! A couple of weeks ago I finished a Thanksgiving worksheet packet for preschoolers and I finally got around to taking some photos so I could show you what’s included. Of course, this packet is created with preschoolers in mind, but they can definitely also be used for kindergarten kiddos! To get some FREE SAMPLE PAGES, click here! Turkey Feather Letters in My NameChildren color the turkey feathers that contain the letters in their names. Turkey Feather Cutting PracticeChildren will cut along the dashed lines to make feathers for the turkey. Cornucopia Cut and Paste FunChildren will cut out the different food items and paste them on the cornucopia. Turkey Pasting FunMaterials needed: tissue paperChildren will glue scrunched up tissue paper on the turkey feathers. Turkey Football Pre-Writing Practice (2 pages)Children will follow the path from one side of the page to the other. Thanksgiving Tracing Fun (5 pages)Children will trace along the dashed lines and then color the picture. Alphabet Tracing (2 pages)Children will trace both upper and lower case letters and color the pictures. Turkey Feather Alphabet Matching (5 pages)Children will color each turkey feather that matches the letter on the body. Thanksgiving Alphabet sequence (2 pages)Children will trace the letters then write the ones that are missing. Thanksgiving Sorting Numbers, Letters and WordsChildren cut out the numbers, letters and words from the bottom of the page and paste them in the correct category. Thanksgiving Beginning Sounds (3 pages)Children will color the beginning sound for each picture. Thanksgiving SyllablesChildren will color the number that shows how many syllables for each word. Thanksgiving Rhyming WordsChildren will color the picture that rhymes with the first one in each row. Thanksgiving CVC WordsChildren will color the word that matches the picture. Thanksgiving Sight Words (5 pages)Materials needed: bingo dabbers and colored pencils/crayons/markersChildren will use the sight word code to color the picture. Turkey Naturewalk (color and B&W) with comprehension questionsChildren will read the reader and answer the comprehension questions. Two options of the comprehension page are included: one with picture support and one without. Thanksgiving What is Different?Children will circle the picture that is different in each row. Thanksgiving What Doesn’t Belong?Children will circle the picture that doesn’t belong in each row. Thanksgiving Sorting (needs/wants)Children will cut out the items from the bottom of the page and paste them in the correct box. Hatching Chick SequencingChildren will cut out the pictures from the side of the... read more

Editable Sight Word Pumpkin Centers

Hello! Today I’ll be showing you two editable pumpkin sight word centers. The first is a word building activity. It comes with a label, instructions and recording page. Because it is editable, you aren’t limited to using this packet just for sight words. You can get kiddos to practice their names or matching upper and lower case letters. The second activity is a word sorting activity. This also comes with a label, instructions and recording page. To purchase any of these packet, click on the corresponding image below. Happy Teaching... read more

Autumn/Fall Sight Word Fluency Flip Books

Hey everyone, today I want to show you an awesome Autumn/Fall flipbook work pack! There are 9 Autumn/Fall word flip books in both black & white and in color. Each booklet is accompanied by a worksheet where children have the opportunity to trace the focus sight word and then proceed to write their favorite sentences from the flip books. (Click here or on any of the photos in this post to get a free flip book.) The flipbooks are great because each vocabulary word includes a picture above it to help the child connect the picture to the word. This helps children figure out the sentence by increasing comprehension. First get your kiddos to color in the images for their flipbook. As they do this, you could encourage them to try to sound out or read the words that they see so they can already get some practice in just by analyzing and sounding out. Children are to then practice their reading by beginning with the first page. If your child does not yet know how to read independently or confidently, a little prompting to sound out the words will help a lot. Once they see repetition flowing throughout the whole flipbook (Example: I like apples,  I like corn etc) the children should begin to find it easier to follow through with the whole booklet on their own and even remember the sentence sequence. These cute little flipbooks not only are great due to the minimal paper required to assemble (literally 1 page of paper for each), but they are also fantastic for oral language development, reading and sentence formation skills. Your kiddos are going to love holding and flipping through their own personal booklets! They can be looked at multiple times a day and practiced over and over again. A copy can even be stored in the reading corner for kiddos to continue their reading practice there also if they want to or even take with you for on the go. On the corresponding worksheets, children will have to trace the focus sight word first. Tracing is great for hand-eye co-ordination and helps teach correct letter formation. By using their pencil control skills, children are then prompted to write 4 of their favourite sentences from their flipbook. Children can look through the flipbook and select which sentences they would like to write and give it a go in the space provided. I am sure these will be a... read more

Pumpkin Life Cycle

Alongside the Apple Life Cycle, another cycle your Kinder-Grade 2 kiddos will enjoy in the Pumpkin Life Cycle. The Pumpkin Life Cycle packet contains the same teacher resources and worksheets as the Apple Life Cycle, so I won’t go into a detailed explanation and just post photos to show you what’s included! Posters with and without labels for each stage. Book explaining the life cycle of a pumpkin. If you’d like to make booklets for each of your kiddos, you could simply print 2 pages to one piece of paper to get a half-page book. There are several differentiated cut and paste worksheets for you to choose from. There is also a half-page cut and paste booklet. If you would like to purchase the Pumpkin Life Cycle packet, click here or on the image... read more

Apple Life Cycle

With the theme and season of Autumn/Fall, a fruit that generally comes to mind is apples! So this is a great resource to teach your children the full life cycle of how an apple comes to be! This resource contains 2 colored apple life cycle posters (with and without stage labels), a colored classroom big book, 2 cut and paste life-cycle booklets for students to complete( black and white) and 4 different corresponding cut and paste worksheets. Simply print all of the resources to prepare for the activities. The posters can be hung up for display on the wall for all to see which will also be a great visual aid for the children while completing the worksheets.  The Classroom Big Book can be printed then stapled along the side or bound with a binding comb and can be read to the children before attempting the worksheets. The student cut and paste booklets should be arranged in order and stapled on the left side as indicated on the page then you are all set! Provide each child with a booklet and a word box strip from the attached word box page. Children can color in their booklet and then have a go at reading the sentences on the page. If they do not know which words to use to complete the sentences using their word box strip, they can refer to the big classroom booklet or poster for more indications. For the Missing Word worksheet, children are able to color, cut and paste as well as read or analyze the picture to figure out what is missing. They must cut and paste the words into the correct empty space to complete the sentences. Order The Cycle worksheet is a fun activity for children to cut and paste the life cycle pictures and explanations in the proper order. Children can attempt to read the explanations themselves or examine the image and guess which the correct order is in the life cycle of an apple. They can refer back to the big class book again or refer to the posters if they wish to check their answer is correct. Order The Picture Cycle is a great activity for getting kiddos using their hands and practicing their fine motor skills with coloring, cutting and pasting. This is a great visual activity of the life cycle using only pictures to show it. Label the stages worksheet asks children to cut and paste the... read more

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