Christmas Word Wall

Classroom word walls are a fantastic tool for learning new vocabulary. It is also beneficial to equip each child with a personal word list so that they can add their own words to it and keep it when the seasonal words are removed from the classroom wall. A copy of the words can also be kept in the word work or writing center. To download some sample pages, click here. This packet contains: – a word list to go inside a student binder or inside a file-folder – large classroom word wall cards (optional background: color or white) – thematic word work pages – blank pages for you to write your own words To purchase this packet, click here or on the image below. Happy Teaching... read more


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Christmas Sight Word Fluency Flip Books

Christmas Sight Word Fluency Flip Books are available in both color and black and white. To download some free pages from this packet, click here. Included in the packet are 9 Christmas themed flip books. Each booklet focuses on a different sight word and Christmas Theme. Santa: “Santa HAS a…”Family together: “We like TO…”Christmas Items: “I see ONE…”Stocking Fillers: “A … is in MY stocking”Elf actions: “The elf CAN…”Food from around the world: “Do you EAT…?”Present colors: “The present IS…”Christmas tree decorations: “THE tree has…”Giving: “I can GIVE a…” I have included a recording sheet for each booklet. Children trace the sight word on each page, then write four sentences from their flip books. These booklets are such a great way to keep learning fun through the festive season! If you would like to purchase the complete packet, click here or on the image... read more

December Writing Picture Prompts

This book contains a collection of picture writing prompts for the month of December. The simple, open-ended picture prompts are ideal for beginning and struggling writers in Kindergarten, Grade 1and Grade 2. To download some free sample pages from this packet, click here. Each page includes a blank Word List. This list can be completed during a brainstorming session with all the children or children can copy the words they wish to use from a word wall. For the “color by code” pages, children select the color the wish to use for each symbol. Trace the picture pages decorated Christmas treeChristmas stocking (children can draw something inside)gingerbread manreindeerpresent (children can draw something inside) Color by shape pages Christmas stockingreindeer headtwo presentself headsleigh filled with presents Dot to Dot / Connect the dots pages gingerbread manSanta headpresentChristmas tree (children can add decorations)round ornament (children can design their own) Illustrated Prompts Santa reading Nice listSanta delivering presents in sleigh, eating cookieSanta dropping present down chimneyreindeer taking Santa’s hat from himelf carrying talk stack of presentstaking newly bought Christmas tree home on top of the carfamily opening presents on Christmas morninggirl putting out milk and cookieschildren singing Christmas carolsgingerbread man running Happy Teaching 🙂 To purchase this packet, click here or on the image... read more

Christmas Sentence Scramble with Cut and Paste Worksheets

The Christmas Sentence Scramble packet contains a collection of Christmas themed sentence building printables and follow up worksheets intended for use with children in Kindergarten (Prep) and Grade 1. The focus is on different Christmas traditions and includes additional religious pages at the end of the unit. To download some free sample pages, click here. There are a couple of ways in which the contents of this unit can be used to target the different learning levels of students: 1. Sentence Scramble Center: Print the word/picture cards and laminate them for durability. Cut along the dotted lines to separate them. Each one is numbered to show the ones that belong together in a sentence. The aim is for children to arrange the cards to build a sentence, and then complete the corresponding cut and paste sheet from the first set of worksheets. 2. Cut and Paste Word Work: This activity is an easier alternative for children who cannot yet build sentences independently; they use the sentence on each page as a guide to order the words correctly. Using the word/picture cards for this activity is optional. Sentence included in this unit: I see pretty bells.I can put on the star.We like to decorate cookies.We open gifts at Christmas.The tree is on our car.Dad put lights on our house.Mom (Mum) will read me a story.Kim can post the letter.Sam and Jill pull the cracker.My family likes to eat ham.This is my Christmas pinata.We sing carols at night.We go to church at ChristmasAre there toys in my stocking?The elves can make toys.Santa’s reindeer pull the sleigh.Is Santa at the North Pole?There are toys in Santa’s sack.Jesus is in the manger.Wise Men went to see Jesus.Shepherds went to see Jesus.Mary and Joseph are with Jesus. To download the complete packet, click here or on the image below. Happy Teaching... read more

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