Christmas Peg Board & Q-Tip Fine Motor Activities

This packet contains 12 printable Christmas peg board/pin board activity cards with 2 sets of follow up worksheets. Each activity card displays a Christmas themed image as it is required to be built on a peg board/pin board. To download some sample pages from this packet, click here. I purchased these pegs from Modern Teaching Aids. The first set of worksheets asks children to trace a Christmas-themed word, write that same word and then to color in the dots on an empty peg board/pin board to make the picture. The second set requires children to simply fill in the empty dots to make a picture. To fill the dots, they can color them in or use glitter glue, a q-tip and paints, glued pom-poms, tissue paper, sequins, etc. These are the templates your kiddos will use to make their pictures. Happy Teaching 🙂 To purchase the complete packet, click here or on the image... read more

Fine Motor Printable Activities for December Morning Tubs | Bins

This book contains a collection of 16 printable fine motor activities for use with children in Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten (Prep). Following is an outline of the activities included in this unit, supplies needed for children and suggestions for preparation and use. Christmas picture punch cards (5 cards)SUPPLIES NEEDED: hole puncherTo prepare the punch cards for use, print and then cut along the dashed lines. Using a hole puncher, children are required to punch out the indicated picture. Christmas cutting practice (8 cards)SUPPLIES NEEDED: scissorsTo prepare the activity for use, print (on colored paper) and then cut along the dashed lines. Using a pair of scissors, children are required to cut along the dashed lines. Christmas dab the mystery picture (5 pages)SUPPLIES NEEDED: dab/dot painting markers or colored circle stickersTo prepare the activity for use simply print the pages you wish to use. Using the indicated colored dab/dot painting markers, children paint the circles the reveal the hidden picture. Alternatively, children can use colored circle stickers. Christmas q-tip dot painting pictures (5 pages)SUPPLIES NEEDED: q-tips/cotton swabs and poster paintTo prepare the activity for use, simply print the pages you wish to use. Children dip the end of the q-tip/cotton swab into some paint and then fill in the small dots of the picture and the word at the bottom of the page. Christmas pokey pin/pinning pictures (5 pages)SUPPLIES NEEDED: large push pins, thick foam mat to place under the pinning page, colored paper (optional)To prepare the activity for use, simply print the pages you wish to use. Children place the foam mat on the table. Next, they place the colored paper if it is being used on top of the foam and last, they place the activity page on the very top. Children then use the large push pins to make holes in the paper where indicated. Christmas sequence and trace the picture (5 pages)SUPPLIES NEEDED: scissors, glue stick, pencil, colored pencilsTo prepare the activity for use, simply print the pages you wish to use. Children begin by cutting out the pictures at the bottom of the page and then glue them to show the drawing sequence. Next, children trace the image and color it in. Christmas lacing cards (5 cards)SUPPLIES NEEDED: shoe laces or lacing threadTo prepare the cards for use, print, laminate them for durability and then cut out each shape. Using a hole punch, punch out the holes where indicated. Children are required to... read more

Winter Holidays & Christmas Shaped Writing Books

I have two new shaped writing book packets that I wanted to show you. The first is all about Winter Holidays. This particular packet is tailored to the USA. Included are the following prompts: Winter holidays I celebrate: Children will identify the holidays that they celebrate during winter.People I celebrate with: Children will identify the people they celebrate with and write the any other people they also celebrate with.Something special we do on this holiday: Children will draw a picture and write about something special that they do on this holiday.Favorite food to eat: Children will draw a picture of their favorite food to eat on this holiday and then write about other things they like to eat. Here are some photos of the pages included. The Christmas Shaped Writing Book can be used by everyone as there is no mention of snow or sun. Included are the following prompts: My Favorites: Children will write about their favorite Christmas book, food, song, decoration and gift.Christmas treats: Children will identify the Christmas treats they like and write about another Christmas treat they eat.Things I see at Christmas: Children will identify the things they see at Christmas and write about another thing they see at Christmas.Best Christmas present: Children will draw a picture and write about the best Christmas present they have ever received.Best Christmas present to give: Children will draw a picture and write about the best Christmas present to give.How to decorate a Christmas Tree (2 pages): On the first page, children will match the descriptions to the pictures. On the second page, they will write out the procedure. To purchase either of these packets, click on the corresponding picture. Happy Teaching... read more

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