Fine Motor Printable Activities for February Morning Tubs | Bins

The themes included in this month’s packet are: Valentine’s Day, heart, rose, strawberry, key, letters, chocolate, cupcake, mailbox, Dental Health, tooth, toothbrush, toothpaste, smile, Groundhog Day, groundhog, cloudy, sun, cloud Contents: 1. February picture punch cards (5 cards) 2. February cutting practice (8 cards) 3. February dab the mystery picture (5 pages) 4. February q-tip dot painting pictures (5 pages) 5. February pokey pin/pinning pictures (5 pages) 6. February sequence and trace the picture (5 pages) 7. February lacing cards (5 cards) 8. February patterns (5 cards) 9. February mazes (5 activity cards) 10. February missing color pictures (5 activity cards) 11. February playdough pictures (5 activity cards) 12. February building brick pictures (5 activity cards) 13. February counting cube pictures (5 activity cards) 14. February pattern block pictures (5 activity cards) 15. February pom-pom pictures (5 activity cards) 16. February geoboard pictures (5 activity cards) To purchase this resource, click here or on the image below. Happy Teaching... read more

Fine Motor Printable Activities for January Morning Tubs | Bins

Hey there! Today I’ll be showing you the inside of my January Fine Motor packet. The activities are perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten kiddos. Let’s get into it! 1. Winter picture punch cards (5 cards)SUPPLIES NEEDED: hole puncherTo prepare the punch cards for use, print and then cut along the dashed lines. Using a hole puncher, children are required to punch out the indicated picture. 2. Winter cutting practice (8 cards)SUPPLIES NEEDED: scissorsTo prepare the activity for use, print (on colored paper) and then cut along the dashed lines. Using a pair of scissors, children are required to cut along the dashed lines. 3. Winter dab the mystery picture (5 pages)SUPPLIES NEEDED: dab/dot painting markers or colored circle stickersTo prepare the activity for use simply print the pages you wish to use. Using the indicated colored dab/dot painting markers, children paint the circles the reveal the hidden picture. Alternatively, children can use colored circle stickers. 4. Winter q-tip dot painting pictures (5 pages)SUPPLIES NEEDED: q-tips/cotton swabs and poster paintTo prepare the activity for use, simply print the pages you wish to use. Children dip the end of the q-tip/cotton swab into some paint and then fill in the small dots of the picture and the word at the bottom of the page. 5. Winter pokey pin/pinning pictures (5 pages)SUPPLIES NEEDED: large push pins, thick foam mat to place under the pinning page, colored paper (optional)To prepare the activity for use, simply print the pages you wish to use. Children place the foam mat on the table. Next, they place the colored paper if it is being used on top of the foam and last, they place the activity page on the very top. Children then use the large push pins to make holes in the paper where indicated. 6. Winter sequence and trace the picture (5 pages)SUPPLIES NEEDED: scissors, glue stick, pencil, colored pencilsTo prepare the activity for use, simply print the pages you wish to use. Children begin by cutting out the pictures at the bottom of the page and then glue them to show the drawing sequence. Next, children trace the image and color it in. 7. Winter lacing cards (5 cards)SUPPLIES NEEDED: shoe laces or lacing threadTo prepare the cards for use, print, laminate them for durability and then cut out each shape. Using a hole punch, punch out the holes where indicated. Children are required to thread the shoelace in and out through the holes.... read more

Winter Preschool No Prep Worksheets & Activities

Here is another fantastic winter themed no prep resource pack that you are going to love. This packet is most suitable for children in Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten (Prep). This 77 page resource pack has a wide variety of both literacy and numeracy worksheets. Your children will have lots of fun coloring, cutting, pasting and making a snowflake mobile! The worksheets promote fine motor skill development as well hand-eye co-ordination. For literacy, children will have the opportunity to practice letter recognition and tracing, upper-lower case matching, beginning sounds, syllables, CVC words, sight words, color words, rhyming words, matching pictures to sentences, and reading comprehension. For math activities, a wide range of mathematical skills have been included to cover prepositions, visual discrimination, sequencing, measurement (size), shapes, numbers, counting, graphing, patterns and basic addition and sorting. As you can see, this packet covers many different literacy and mathematical concepts. If you would like to purchase this packet, click here or on the image below. Happy Teaching... read more