Autumn Math Worksheets for Kindergarten

This workbook contains a collection of mathematical worksheets created around the theme of Autumn. These are suitable for use with children in Kindergarten (Prep).With colouring, cutting and pasting involved, these will be super enjoyable for your kiddos to do some math.

First up we have some Autumn counting worksheets (3 pages). The children are to make a visual connection between amount of pictures and the appropriate numeral number. The correct answer can be marked with dot paints, number stickers or color in to show their answer of how many objects are shown.

Autumn Pumpkin missing numbers (4 pages)

This is great for recognizing the ordinal number flow- the sequence of what comes next. Children cut and paste to complete the number lines correctly.

Autumn making 10 Worksheets (2 pages)

These are a great way for children to visually see that there are multiple ways to make the number 10. The use of the tens frame makes this activity very helpful. Children begin by counting the pumpkins they see and record that as their first number in the first box opposite the corresponding tens frame. Next they are to count the remainder spots left in the tens frame to get to the number 10 and record it in the 2nd box to complete the equation. They may color, cross off, dot or draw extra pumpkins to show their counting in the blank tens frame spots.

Pumpkin Odd and Even number sorting (5 pages)

Children are to cut out the numbers provided on the bottom of the page and paste them into the correct column of which number is an odd number or even number. To make it easier to differentiate, children may color the odds one color and the even another color.

Autumn number puzzles cut and paste (4 pages)

Children can cut out the squares from the bottom and arrange them in number order to reveal the picture. If kiddos feel confident to guess the image, they may color it in prior to pasting it down in order.

Autumn patterns AB, AAB, AABB, ABC (4 pages)

Kiddos can color in the images before they begin the activity. Children are to examine and identify the pattern shown through the images. They can cut the bottom strip of pictures and paste accordingly to the correct pattern sequence.

Autumn Count and Graph (4 pages+1 count and tally)

The top half has a mixture of autumn themed pictures. Children can count how many of each type of picture are there and use the graph at the bottom to record their findings. To make it easier to count each picture type, they may color each type a different color to assist with the counting and graphing.

Acorn Addition Worksheets (5 pages)

This is a great way to teach addition with a visual representation of the number in picture form. Children are to count and add the total amount of acorns and complete the mathematical sum in number format.

Autumn non-standard measurement

Using the leaf measuring strip provided, children are to measure how many leaves tall the pictures are and record it in the bubble beside it.

Autumn weight

Children have to examine the image and consider which item would weigh heavier and color in their answer.

Proportional weight activity is great because children can physically ‘see’ the different sizes and get to cut and paste to arrange them accordingly under the correct size weight  (large, medium, small).

Positional words

Great for introducing positional vocabulary to help children visualize the meaning of the positional words and differentiate them from one another (under, on, behind, in front). These will come in very handy when math word problems are introduced.

I am sure these worksheets will benefit your kiddos with their mathematical skills while completing these Autumn themed worksheets. This workpack is great to show how we can learn and use mathematical skills in multiple ways, using the various worksheets provided to cover all the bases!

Happy teaching 🙂

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