Back to School Kindergarten Worksheets

Hello! Today I wanted to show you the contents of my Back to School Kindergarten Worksheets. These are ideal for school entrance kiddos. If you’d like a packet for Preschoolers, be sure to check out my Back to School Preschool Worksheets.

Here are some pages from the Kindergarten packet:

Days of the week order | Using glue (2 pages) | Shapes and shadows (3 pages)

Cutting practice (4 pages)

Alphabet worksheets (26 pages)

My Alphabet Coloring Book (14 pages)

Same beginning sounds | Upper and lower case sorting – cut and paste | Letter and number sorting – cut and paste

Letter and number find

Lower case and upper case letter match (5 pages)

Upper case and lower case letter “Spin It!” (13 pages)

Beginning sounds (3 pages)

Write the missing beginning sound

School Build-a-Word vocabulary booklet (8 pages)

Number sense practice pages (10 pages)

Cut and paste numbers (2 pages)

How many are there? (2 pages)

Colors coloring pages (12 pages)

Colors Build-a-Word vocabulary booklet (7 pages)

Count and graph | Ten frame cut and paste | Number order (2 pages)

Which is biggest? | Patterns (AB) (2 pages) | Cut and paste missing numbers

What doesn’t belong?

Which has more?

Happy Teaching 🙂

If you would like to purchase the Back to School Kindergarten Worksheets, click here or on the image below.

You can view the Back to School Kindergarten Math Centers here.

You can view the Back to School Kindergarten Literacy Centers here.

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