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Thanksgiving No Prep Preschool Worksheets & Activities

Hello! I hope you’re well! A couple of weeks ago I finished a Thanksgiving worksheet packet for preschoolers and I finally got around to taking some photos so I could show you what’s included. Of course, this packet is created with preschoolers in mind, but they can definitely also be used for kindergarten kiddos! To get some FREE SAMPLE PAGES, click here! Turkey Feather Letters in My NameChildren color the turkey feathers that contain the letters in their names. Turkey Feather Cutting PracticeChildren will cut along the dashed lines to make feathers for the turkey. Cornucopia Cut and Paste FunChildren will cut out the different food items and paste them on the cornucopia. Turkey Pasting FunMaterials needed: tissue paperChildren will glue scrunched up tissue paper on the turkey feathers. Turkey Football Pre-Writing Practice (2 pages)Children will follow the path from one side of the page to the other. Thanksgiving Tracing Fun (5 pages)Children will trace along the dashed lines and then color the picture. Alphabet Tracing (2 pages)Children will trace both upper and lower case letters and color the pictures. Turkey Feather Alphabet Matching (5 pages)Children will color each turkey feather that matches the letter on the body. Thanksgiving Alphabet sequence (2 pages)Children will trace the letters then write the ones that are missing. Thanksgiving Sorting Numbers, Letters and WordsChildren cut out the numbers, letters and words from the bottom of the page and paste them in the correct category. Thanksgiving Beginning Sounds (3 pages)Children will color the beginning sound for each picture. Thanksgiving SyllablesChildren will color the number that shows how many syllables for each word. Thanksgiving Rhyming WordsChildren will color the picture that rhymes with the first one in each row. Thanksgiving CVC WordsChildren will color the word that matches the picture. Thanksgiving Sight Words (5 pages)Materials needed: bingo dabbers and colored pencils/crayons/markersChildren will use the sight word code to color the picture. Turkey Naturewalk (color and B&W) with comprehension questionsChildren will read the reader and answer the comprehension questions. Two options of the comprehension page are included: one with picture support and one without. Thanksgiving What is Different?Children will circle the picture that is different in each row. Thanksgiving What Doesn’t Belong?Children will circle the picture that doesn’t belong in each row. Thanksgiving Sorting (needs/wants)Children will cut out the items from the bottom of the page and paste them in the correct box. Hatching Chick SequencingChildren will cut out the pictures from the side of the... read more

Fine Motor Printable Activities for November Morning Tubs | Bins

Hello! Today is all about fine motor and Thanksgiving! Check out the contents of this HUGE packet! 1. November picture punch cards (5 cards) 2. November cutting practice (8 cards) 3. November dab the mystery picture (5 pages) 4. November q-tip dot painting pictures (5 pages) 5. November pokey pin/pinning pictures (5 pages) 6. November sequence and trace the picture (5 pages) 7. November lacing cards (5 cards) 8. November patterns (5 cards) 9. November mazes (5 activity cards) 10. November missing color pictures (5 activity cards) 11. November playdough pictures (5 activity cards) 12. November building brick pictures (5 activity cards) 13. November counting cube pictures (5 activity cards) 14. November pattern block pictures (5 activity cards) 15. November pom-pom pictures (5 activity cards) 16. November geoboard pictures (5 activity cards) Happy Teaching 🙂 If you would like to purchase this packet, click here or on the image... read more

Fine Motor Morning Bins for October

Following on from the August Fine Motor Bins and September Fine Motor bins, the October packet is jam-packed with fun and engaging printable activities to help your kiddos develop their finger muscles and fine motor skills. The themes covered in this packet are: pumpkins, bats, spiders, farm animals, fire fighting and equipment. Contents October picture punch cards (5 cards) October cutting practice (8 cards) October dab the mystery picture (5 pages) October q-tip dot painting pictures (5 pages) October pokey pin/pinning pictures (5 pages) October sequence and trace the picture (5 pages) October lacing cards (5 cards) October patterns (5 cards) October mazes (5 activity cards) October missing color pictures (5 activity cards) October play dough pictures (5 activity cards) October building brick pictures (5 activity cards) October counting cube pictures (5 activity cards) October pattern block pictures (5 activity cards) October pom-pom pictures (5 activity cards) October geoboard pictures (5 activity cards) Happy Teaching 🙂 If you would like to purchase this pack, click here or the image... read more

Sunday School Lesson 17: Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors

We started off this lesson by summarizing what happened last week using the characters of Jacob, Leah and Rebekah from Lesson 15 and Lesson 16. We also used Jacob’s sons craft from Lesson 16 to go over the names of all his sons while bringing to the kids’ attention that Joseph and Benjamin were born to Jacob in his old age. Out of all Jacobs 12 sons Joseph was his favorite! We decided to do the story of Joseph over three lessons. In this lesson we focused on Joseph receiving a special gift from his father and the dreams he had that led to him being hated by his brothers and eventually sold into slavery. We first read the story of Joseph and the special coat his father gave him. They always sit so well captivated by the story. Using this week’s lesson aids to help the little ones we asked them what special present Joseph received (place 17.1 on board then 17.2 once they answered). We talked about how his brothers might have felt about that and if it was a good idea for Jacob to give such a pretty and most likely expensive gift only to Joseph. We went on discussing the dreams Joseph had and how that made his brothers hate him even more (posters 17.3 and 17.4). Even his parents were thinking that he might be making these dreams up! It must have been super hard for Joseph to ply and have fun with his brothers if they didn’t like him and were men to him. But from the story we can see what a good heart Joseph had. This led us to Joseph gladly obeying his father by taking some food for his brothers, who were far away tending sheep. The little ones where quick to answer what happened next and where Joseph’s brothers threw him (poster 17.5). Instead of living Joseph to die there, they ended up selling him to some traders passing by (poster 17.6) and them lying to their father about what had happened to his beloved son (poster 17.7). We ended the story asking the children how Joseph might have felt (sad, scared, angry), but even though all those bad things happened to him (brothers betraying him, sold into slavery, going to a foreign country) someone was there with him…God! We left the kids eager to come next week to find out what happened next and how God was with... read more

Back to School Preschool Worksheets

Hi everyone! If you’re looking for some printable worksheets for your Preschool and even Kindergarten (Prep/Foundation) kiddos for back to school, then the contents of my Preschool Back to School packet might be useful! Check out the contents! 1. Pre-writing tracing practice (5 pages) 2. Name writing practice page. Below is a picture of the the non-editable but there is also an editable cut and paste activity included in this packet. 3. Gluing practice (5 pages) 4. Cutting practice (5 pages) 5. Alphabet tracing practice – upper and lower case (32 pages) 6. Number tracing practice (1-10/10 pages) 7. Shape recognition – triangle/square/rectangle/circle (4 pages) 8. Colors coloring pages (11 pages) Happy Teaching 🙂 If you would like to purchase this resource, click here or on the image below. You may also like to view the Back to School Preschool Centers available... read more

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