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Winter Preschool Centers

Winter Preschool Centers Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! I enjoyed some much needed time away from the computer screen to be with my family these past couple of weeks! Anyway, I popped in today to give you guys a sneak peak at what’s included in my Winter Preschool Centers. This is a resource I made earlier this year, but never got a change to blog about it, so here I am 🙂 PLEASE NOTE: This blog post contains sample pages from my Winter Preschool Centers packet. You can download the free sample pages by click on the photos in the post. To purchase the complete Winter Preschool Centers packet, please click here! Winter Write and Wipe Alphabet Tracing Cards The first activity is an upper and lower case letter tracing activity. I laminated the cards, cut them apart and then made a hole in the top corner of each card. I secured them together with a key ring. Provide kiddos with an erasable marker or crayon and they’re ready to go! (Click the photo to get letters A-F.) Hat and Mittens Letter and Beginning Sounds Match As with all my preschool packets, I included an alphabet matching activity. You could use just the mittens for upper and lower case matching or, if your kiddos are ready for the challenge, add in the the beginning sound hat. (Click the photo to get letters A-F.) Missing Snowman Letters If your kiddos have already mastered matching upper and lower case letters and are working on letter sequence, this next missing letter activity is just the thing for them! The aim of this activity is for children to identify the missing letter and to clip the correct letter in the missing spot to complete the alphabet sequence. (Click the photo to get 3 cards.) Snowflake Syllables Next up, are some syllable cards. Children can either clap their hands as they say each word or tap each snowflake, and then clip on the appropriate clothes peg to show their answer. Snow Globe CVC Words I have also included a very basic CVC word reading activity for your kiddos who are ready to begin blending sounds to read words. Kiddos read the two words on each snow globe and clip a peg on the word that matches the picture. (Click the photo to get the pictured snow globes.) Snowflake Rhyming The aim of this activity is for children to match the two pictures that rhyme. Pre-Primer Snowball Sight Words Pocket Chart Center Activity... read more

Christmas Preschool Centers

Christmas Preschool Centers I am pretty sure that I say this every year, but I LOVE Christmas. It is my most favorite time of the year. I love the pretty colors and decorations and, if I liked gingerbread cookies, I am SURE I would also love the smell of baked gingerbread cookies! There is something about ginger that just doesn’t sit well with my taste buds… Yesterday, I made a green juice and the recipe asked for ginger. So, I did what any person who doesn’t like a certain ingredient does – I halved the quantity. Well. Let me just say. I should have just left it out completely. I had to hold my nose to drink the stuff! But we are getting away from the real reason we are here today: to take a sneak peek at my Christmas Preschool Centers and to give you a few freebies to help you decide whether this is something you would like to use in your classroom or home! (Please note: This post does not contain all the pages included in my Christmas Preschool Centers, just a few sample pages! If you wish to purchase the complete Christmas Preschool Centers packet, please click here!) First up, is a Christmas tree fine motor activity. I use red and green buttons for this, but you could use any small objects: pom-poms, gems, bells, baubles, pebbles, playdough formed into balls! (Click the photo below to get the Christmas tree fine motor practice mat.) Another activity turned fine motor is the Christmas tree color sorting activity. You could sort anything to the differently colored trees (buttons, tinsel, baubles, beads, bows, to name a few), but I decided to use sequins. (Click the photo below to get colors red, orange, yellow.) I also added a Christmas ornament tracing activity for both upper and lower case letters. You could make a write and wipe tracing booklet with them by making a hole at the top of each ornament and securing them together with a key ring. It’s definitely a fun way to practice correct letter formation during the season! But, there are so many other uses for these alphabet ornaments! You could have children match upper and lower case letters, put them in alphabetical order, spell out sight words or children’s names and then display them around the room or on your Christmas tree. You could even make a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” banner. (Click the photo below to get all upper case letters.) Next up is Santa’s sack of... read more

Thanksgiving Preschool Centers

I came across the most adorable turkey clip art by South Street Creative a couple of days ago and knew just what to do! Why, some turkey center activities, of course! Here is a sneak peak at what’s included in my Thanksgiving Preschool Centers packet. Of course, these activities can be used with your Kindergarten kiddos too 🙂 (Please note: This post does not contain all the pages included in my Thanksgiving Preschool Centers, just a few sample pages! If you wish to purchase the complete Thanksgiving Preschool Centers packet, please click here!) First up, is an alphabet (all upper and lower case letters are included) and beginning sounds sorting activity. (Click the photo below to get letters A-D). Normally, I would use velcro for an activity like this, but I decided to try it with adhesive magnets which I purchased from e-bay. The magnets worked well to keep all the feathers in place behind the turkey, but they did not magnetize powerfully enough to keep the feathers in place if the turkey was lifted off the table. If you don’t want the feathers to fall off, velcro is the way to go. If you hate the idea of your kiddos having to pull off one turkey feather at a time when packing up, then magnets are the way to go. I suggest you try out the 2 options before making your final decision! Included in the packet is also a corn number matching activity. Each corn stalk displays a numeral and children have to attach the matching corn number word and dots to the corn stalk. I used clothes pegs for this activity. (Click the photo below to get numbers 1-5.) And you can never get enough sight word repetition! I made a cornucopia fruit and vegetable sorting activity, which requires kiddos to match the sight word fruit and veggies to the correct horn. Simple, but effective for beginning readers! (Click the photo below to sample some sight words.) This packet would not be complete without a turkey feather color sorting activity, right?! (Click the photo below to get red, orange, yellow, green.) I also added a pumpkin pie shape sorting activity. Each pie displays 2 shapes found in real life, and kiddos are required to match the whipped cream with the correct shape to each pie. (Click the photo below to get the circle and square pies.) (Click here or on the picture below to go to my TpT store to purchase the complete Thanksgiving Preschool Centers packet.) Annnndddd… last, but not least, a turkey counting activity.  There are so many ways to use... read more

Autumn Preschool Centers

There is something almost magical about autumn. The leaves change colour from green to yellow, orange and varying shades of red, the air smells crisp, smoke fills the air as fireplaces take center stage in many homes…  Unless you live in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Which is where I live. In that case, you can expect to see trees that are for-ever green and never change colour because, well, Australian trees are mostly evergreens. The air doesn’t necessarily smell crisp either; it smells wet. As for fireplaces… Well, have you heard of “ducted heating”? Needless to say, autumn in Australia is not as fabulous as it is in Romania, where I first fell in love with this magical season, nor in America. But that didn’t stop me from creating my new Autumn Preschool Centers resource! It’s spring in Australia, but I promised that I would make this resource in time for autumn in the U.S., so here it is! I had so much fun creating this packet and I hope your kiddos enjoy using it 🙂 (Please note: This post does not contain all the pages included in my Autumn Preschool Centers, just a few sample pages! If you wish to purchase the complete Autumn Preschool Centers packet, please click here!) To begin, I included an autumn leaf fine motor practice mat. We all know how important it is to build those fine motor muscles, right? I used red and orange buttons for this mat, but you can use anything that fits inside the circles. (Click the photo to get it!) I also added a vertical pre-writing line tracing mat. I just know that your kiddos will have fun tracing down the line to show the leaf where it should fall 😉 Of course, I included some horizontal pre-writing tracing cards too. (Click the photo to get it!) I also included some autumn themed alphabet tracing cards. Each card displays an autumn related picture and each upper and lower case letter displays correct letter formation with a red dot to show the starting point. To secure the cards together, I made a hole with a hole punch in each card and strung them onto a key-ring. (Click the photo to get A-F) I also made an upper and lower case matching activity and, if your kiddos are ready for it, you can add the beginning sound pictures too. If you’d like to work on fine motor muscles, just glue the leaves onto some clothes pegs, as I did. (Click the photo to get A-D.) Two words:... read more

Summer Popsicle Alphabet and Beginning Sounds – FREE Printable

Summer Popsicle Alphabet and Beginning Sounds – FREE Printable I was browsing the internet for some summer clip art and stumbled across these cute popsicle/icy-pole ones and had to make a printable that I could share with you all. Before I continue to write this super quick post, I need to let you know that my printer is on its way out and is not doing the colors on these popsicles/icy-poles any justice. The colors are more like what you see in the picture below. Anyhow, there are a few ways that you can use this activity to suit the learning level of your children. For beginners, use the popsicles/icy-poles intact and teach them the relationship between lower and upper case letters and beginning sounds. You could ask children to order the popsicles/icy-poles alphabetically, you could use them as flashcards… For kiddos who require more practice with upper and lower case matching, cut apart each popsicle/icy-pole section and remove the picture in the middle (or keep it attached to the lower case letter), and ask them to match the correct cases. And, of course, there is always the option of using all three sections. I hope you will find this Summer Popsicle Alphabet and Beginning Sounds activity useful and the your children will have fun with it! Click on any of the pictures above to take you to the FREE download link in my store. If you’re looking for something with a little less link for your preschoolers, be sure to check out my new Preschool Summer Review packet. Or, if you’re looking for a more challenging packet for Kindergarten (Grade Prep), then the Summer Review for Kindergarten will do the... read more

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