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Preschool Letter Z

Preschool Letter Z (Throughout this Preschool Letter Z post, click the hyperlinked text to take you to the complete unit in my TpT store/original resource link, or click the pictures to get the freebies!) We started our Letter Z with a Letter Find worksheet. Here is Filip, counting the upper and lowercase letters that he found so that he can write them in the circles. Next, he coloured all the pictures that started with the letter Z on this activity from my Beginning Sounds Color It! Then Filip worked on the letter Z page from my Introducing the Alphabet packet. These words were hard for my little man to sound out, but he used the pictures to help him figure out the words correctly 😉   We finished the day with a letter craft. And there you have it folks, our Preschool Letter of the Week is now officially done! As you probably already know, we finished our Letter of the Week “school work” quite a few months ago; I’m the one to blame for these late posts and I apologise if you have been waiting for ever for the freebies I have made available with each post. Between helping Filip and my other kiddos with their homework and life in general, housework, church responsibilities, and actual work that brings in any $, there has been little time left over for blogging. But we are DONE 🙂 I sincerely hope that some of the resources I have shared with you have been beneficial to you and little one/s you are teaching! To finish off, here’s a photo of my not-so-little prince, ready for school! To get all the freebies from this post in one pdf, please click... read more

Preschool Letter Y

Preschool Letter Y I’m going to begin our Preschool Letter Y post with an apology to you all. This post is long overdue and I am sorry it’s taken so long to actually writing it and sharing some free resources with you. To be honest, the reason this post was so late is because Filip and I had already moved on to learning to read sight words and word families (posts and freebies which I will share with you soon) and he LOVED doing all those new activities and, well, it was boring for him to come back to doing letters. After a while, I did manage to convince Filip to finish letters Y and Z, but let that be a lesson to you guys; if you’re keen on finishing the alphabet, don’t get too stuck into more advanced stuff ’cause your kiddos might not want to go back and finish the rest of the letters! Anyhow, here is what Filip did for Preschool Letter Y! (Throughout this Preschool Letter Y post, click the hyperlinked text to take you to the complete unit in my TpT store/original resource link, or click the pictures to get the freebies!) Filip started with a the Letter Y page from my Letter Find worksheets unit. Then he did a Y beginning sounds page. Then Filip did a page from my Introducing the Alphabet worksheets unit. These pages continue to be a favourite for him – especially the reading part. We finished with a letter craft. And there you have it – our very short Letter Y post. Enjoy the freebies! 🙂 To download the freebies from this post in one pdf file, please click... read more

St. Patrick’s Day Beginning Sounds Freebie

St. Patrick’s Day Beginning Sounds Freebie I thought I would surprise you all with a cute St. Patrick’s Day activity, seeing as it’s only a couple of weeks away! Best of all, the entire unit is FREE! Click on any of the pictures to download it and if you decide to try it out, please leave a comment letting me know how it worked for you! So… let’s see what’s included! Firstly, there is a coloured matching activity. I LOVE all things colourful and beautiful images make learning more fun – at least, they do for me 😉 To prepare the activity for use, print all the pages (cardstock is preferable, but not necessary), laminate them for durability and then cut out the pots and shamrocks. If you’re going to use these in your classroom yearly and are worried about little fingers picking away at the edges and un-sticking the laminating that you have done, you can cut out the pictures BEFORE laminating and then, once laminated, you cut out around the shape leaving a small edge of “lamination”. Of course, this does require cutting two times… I guess this is a good time to call in your parent helpers 😉 The aim of this St. Patrick’s Day activity is for children to match the letters on the shamrocks to the pictures on the pots of gold. You can turn this into a fine motor activity by adding household pegs  to the shamrocks. Included are also some worksheets. They can be completed independently, so there is no need for you to print both the activity and worksheets; if you want to save on ink, I’m sure the worksheets on their own will be just as fun for your kiddos. For children who have difficult writing, try using stamps instead of asking them to write the letters. Of course, you can also have children do the activity and then the worksheet as a means of recording their answers. If this is what you’d like to do, I think it’s best if you store the gold pots and shamrocks together with the worksheet in a plastic pocket, or a storage device that suits you best. How do I store activities at our place? Well, once upon a time, I used to love plastic pockets and zip-lock bags. However, the zip-lock bags soon began to rip at the bottom and I had to find another solution. I now store things in plastic tubs that I purchase only when on sale or from dollar stores, like Uncle Buck’s (Australia).... read more

Mazes for Preschool and Kindergarten

Mazes for Preschool and Kindergarten Let’s talk fine motor skills before I show you the mazes unit I’ve been working on! Why is strengthening the small muscles in your kiddos’ fingers so important? Well, not only do those tiny muscles help with a number of every day skills, such as buttoning up a shirt, cutting, and constructing with Lego, they also help to develop good pencil control in preparation for writing. Mazes are a really fun way to develop pencil control because they provide kiddos with the opportunity to practice moving their pencil along a path, stopping at specific points, and changing direction before continuing towards the end. Sooo… I happened to find some very cool maze clip art and decided to make a set of picture mazes. But wait, it gets better: these are beginning sounds mazes! How cool is that!? You can focus on beginning sounds and build fine motor and pencil skills all in one fun, hands-on activity. Filip has been very busy playing with his cousins, who we are babysitting for a few days, and so I decided to try out the mazes myself. Of course, you would ask your kiddos to trace the path with their finger first, then with a pencil. I’m a bit more clever than your average preschooler or kindergartner, so I skipped the finger-tracing part and went straight to tracing the path with a pencil. For the apple maze pictured below, I used upper and lower case stamps to stamp along the pencil line. I then rubbed out the pencil line and connected the letters with a purple dash. (Click the picture below to get the free apple maze.) To finish off the butterfly maze, I used q-tips dipped in paint. This took much – much – longer than expected, but it was heaps of fun! You could even ask older kiddos to make patterns with different coloured paint. (Click the picture below to get the free butterfly maze.) To finish off the candle maze pictured below, I decided to get creative and use some c-c-corn to help the c-c-cat find the c-c-cake in the c-c-candle maze… ‘Cause there’s no such thing as too much beginning sounds practice! (Click the picture below to get the free candle maze.) Folks, if you think that your kiddos will finish these pages too quickly, think again! I mean, yeah, they probably will if they only use a pencil! But get creative and have them use different finishing touches for each maze! Use stickers, finger paint, scented markers or glue on different things... read more

Preschool Winter Activities

Preschool Winter Activities I just finished a new Preschool activity packet and wanted to share some of the work Filip and I did today. (This unit is available for purchase in my TpT store; I have included some freebies for you to try when you download PREVIEW here.) The activity Filip was most excited about was the snowman maze. He suggested he trace the path to the black snowman with his finger first, in case he made any mistakes. Then Filip used a pencil and finished the activity by dotting along the pencil line. We also did a beginning sounds cut and paste activity. My little man has become so confident at identifying beginning sounds, and it makes my mummy heart happy to see him excited about his progress! We also did a CVC activity. I coloured the pictures for Filip and he dotted the correct word. I’d just like to add a note here to let you know that I have updated this page as all the correct answers were on the left. Oopsy! We also did a rhyming activity. I initially explained to Filip that rhyming words have the same ending. However, we also have to listen at the ending because sometimes words are spelled differently, even though they sound the same (such as bear and chair). We also tried a sight words activity. The only word Filip could read was “I” and he guessed “like”, so I had to read out the different words to him and he did an awesome job at arranging them in order. Reading comprehension. It’s SUCH a big deal in schools these days as kids don’t seem to be comprehending what they’re reading. I have a theory about why this is so, as I’m sure many parents and teachers do, but this is definitely not the time to discuss that. I have decided to include a booklet and comprehension page in my preschool packets to encourage beginning readers to practice literal comprehension. I read the booklet to Filip, then read out the questions and answer options to him. He did very well, but I suppose that is because I read the book to him 😉 I am hosting a GIVEAWAY on my Facebook page right now! For your chance to win one of these packets, head on over and enter by commenting on the post. Good... read more

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