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Autumn Sentence Scramble with FREE sample pages

Hi all! I have a really great sentence building activity for you which will be great for your kiddos to learn their sight words but also correct sentence structure! Included in this Sentence Scramble Workbook, is a collection of basic sentence building word card printables and a corresponding cut/paste and write worksheet for each set of sentences. To download some free sample pages, click here or on any of the photos in this post. These are suitable for Kindergarten (Prep) and Grade 1 children and are awesome as an introduction to sentence writing. The sentence scramble is an excellent activity to encourage children to combine words to practice correct sentence word order. The worksheets can be done as an entire class activity going through the tasks together step by step, as a small group task or individual work. Simply print the word/picture cards and laminate for durability to reuse over and over. Cut along the dotted lines and arrange the word cards according to their number group shown in the top corner. Each card is numbered to display which words belong together to form a sentence. The aim is for children to unscramble the words and build a sentence in the correct order. Following this task, each sentence has a corresponding cut, paste and write worksheet to complete. Children have the opportunity to cut, paste and handwrite the sentence in the space provided. The use of the word cards with this is optional but it does have its benefits of children having that extra visual to practice sounding out and looking back to it when they need. There is a space provided on the worksheet for children to write the full sentence in handwriting. Encourage kiddos to sound out each word as they write and then to do a final read of the full sentence to enhance memory and reading skills. Another way to optimize use of the word cards is to use them as flash reading cards. It is a fantastic tool for teaching sight words. By doing this, children can familiarize themselves with the words and will help them improve their vocabulary which in turn be of much benefit to use them in sentences. These are perfect for your children to begin understanding how to form sentences. I am sure these will be very useful and will help with basic understanding of sentence structure. Happy teaching! 🙂 If you would like to purchase this resource, click here... read more

Editable Popcorn Sight Word Center

Hi there! Today, I’m showing you what’s included in the Editable Popcorn Sight Words Center. Of course, you don’t need to use this as only a spelling activity for sight words. Get your kiddos learning their names by making personalized packets for each of your kiddo. Happy Teaching 🙂 If you would like to purchase this resource, click here or the image... read more

Editable Gumball Sight Word Center

I’ll be honest. I really – and I mean REALLY – love creating resources that are visually appealing. If something cute catches my attention, surely it catches kids’ attention too, right? But I know. I know. Cutting. Sometimes there is a lot of that. And I know that as a parent or educator, you sometimes get fed up with cutting. But LOOK how inviting and appealing the shaped gumball machine and round gumballs are! They would not look anywhere near as good if they were just square cut. Anyway, enough of that! Let’s get into this editable resource! As with all these centers, they come with instructions, a label and a recording page. But, of course, this packet is editable and you can use it as you please. Alphabet matching? Yes, you can! Practice recognizing the letters in names? Yep! Can totally do that! Numbers? Yes! And yes! You can even do sentences…. Well, that might be stretching it a little, but you could if you wanted to! There are lots of ways to use these! I’m sure you’ll come up with many more than what I have presented here! Happy Teaching 🙂 If you would like to purchase this packet, click here or the image... read more

Editable Sight Word Centers: Sight Word Apple Trees

Here’s another apple sight word activity your kiddos will love. This one does require a bit more cutting than the sight word apples, but I am sure you’ll agree the prep is worth it! As usual, instructions cards and a recording page is included. Kiddos simply sort the different apples to the correct apple tree and record their answers. Happy Teaching 🙂 If you would like to purchase this packet, click here or on the image... read more

Editable Sight Word Centers: Sight Word Apples

Apples, apples, apples! Here is an editable sight word activity to complement your apple theme or to use in your word work center all year round if you wanted to. As with all my editable sight word activities, included are center instructions and a recording page. The best thing about editable activities is that you can use them for many other things. You can get your kiddos to practice their names. You can do upper and lower case letter matching activities. You can even do sentence matching activities. These are just a few ideas. How do you use these type of editable activities? Happy Teaching 🙂 If you’d like to purchase this resource, click here or on the image... read more

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