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End of Year Gifts for Students

End of Year Gifts for Students   This year was my first year teaching the grade 5 and 6 kiddos at our church’s Sunday school. It was a big change moving from kinder to upper primary, but I enjoyed every single minute I spent with them every Sunday. The children are all so wonderfully made by God; each with unique character traits and qualities and they made our classroom discussion incredibly fun! I’m here today to share with you two ideas for end of year gifts for students. Let’s start with the “smart cookie” printable. Click on either picture to download the pdf. file.     If you’re wondering what’s inside the gift, it’s this book, which we purchased from Koorong. We also made them a picture frame wordart to remind them of their identity in Christ. If you’d like to make a similar gift for your kids, head on over to Here are the fonts, color codes and words we used to make our wordarts: Font: Yanone Kaffeesatz Regular Girl’s name:#D2ACD1 Child of God: #8C759F loved: #C587AE chosen: #FBCDBE forgiven: #F5B8C7 beautiful: #6CC2C3 wonderfully made: #C7E3EB   Font: Yanone Kaffeesatz Regular Boy’s name:#384B52 Child of God: #DB4F41 loved: #A0B3B4 chosen: #A0BD93 forgiven: #807E90 strong: #586C95 wonderfully made: #E8B85A   We actually purchased our wordarts because we wanted to import them and add extra text, but you can also download them for free. I hope these printables and ideas were helpful to you! 🙂... read more

Sunday School Isaac, the Son of Promise

Sunday School Lesson 14: Isaac, the Son of Promise   We started lesson 14, Isaac, the Son of Promise, by talking about the promises God had made to Abraham. (You can read about Lesson 13 here.) We then had a brief discussion about how sometimes we have to wait to receive the things promised to us. Perhaps we are promised a holiday or a special gift for our birthday or Christmas – but, maybe, there is some waiting involved. And sometimes it’s really hard to wait for the things promised to us. We told our kiddos that Abraham and Sarah had to wait for God to fulfill the promises He had made to them. We then read “The Visitors” and “A Bride for Isaac” from the Beginner’s Bible. We told our kiddos that Abraham and Sarah had to wait over 20 years for the little baby God had promised them! During this time, they became impatient and started to wonder whether God was going to keep his promise, but, just at the right time, God gave Abraham and Sarah the little baby he had promised them. This was the special baby through whom God would keep all the other promises made to Abraham. (We brought out the craft from Lesson 13 and pointed to each section as we talked about it.) When Isaac grew up, he had kids of his own, and then they had kids and so on, and that’s how God kept the first promise. Then, God gave all those people a place to live, and so God kept his second promise and then, God sent Jesus to be born in that place, keeping His third promise.     We finished the lesson by reminding the children that sometimes we have to wait for God to keep His promises. That doesn’t mean that He has forgotten about us. It means that God is waiting for just the right time to bring into fulfillment what He has promised. And it’s important for us to keep trusting that God will do what He says He will do because, as we have seen time and time again, God always keeps His promises. The kiddos then colored a coloring page as their activity (pictured above) and, because it was such a short lesson, we also sang “Father Abraham had many sons.” And this is the take home page. Please click here to download the craft and take home book in English. Please... read more

Sunday School Promises for Abraham

Sunday School Lesson 13: Promises for Abraham This week’s lesson was a super fun one for our little ones! The focus was on God’s promises, so we started by talking about a promise that we had learnt a couple of weeks before. We remember that God had made a promise to Noah to save him and his family from the flood and we saw that God had kept that promise. Then, after the flood was over, God promised Noah to never destroy the world through a flood and God put a rainbow in the sky as a sign of that promise. God kept this promise, too. We explained to our kiddos that whenever we see a rainbow in the sky, we should can remember that God is faithful: when He says He will do something, He will definitely, without a doubt, do it. We then introduced one of Noah’s great, great, great, great, great, great, great, grandchildren: Abraham. We read pages 39-45 from our Beginner’s Bible, and then we retold the story to make it come alive for our kiddos. Our retelling started with God telling Abraham to move to a new land. We spoke about the uncertainty of the journey that lay ahead, and that he would have needed to pack some things. I had brought in a small suitcase with some travelling items (clothes, toiletries, food, sleeping things, etc.) and I took them out one by one to show the kids. They loved calling out the name of each item. We then spoke about the journey. We asked the children to stand up and follow behind a pretend Abraham, Sarah and Lot. Before we started our class that day, we had arranged a few mini “obstacles” (an overturned chair, pile of books, etc.) around the room. As we traveled, we made sure to avoid all the obstacles by going around them or jumping over them. After a long, long time and a few minutes of us following a pretend leader, we finally reached out destination. Before class had started, we had also made a fort using blankets, chairs and some pegs (you can find the directions from eHow here.) We explained that Abraham and Sarah didn’t live in a house like we do, but in a tent. We then all went inside the tent. I don’t even need to tell you how much they enjoyed this part of the activity. We then dimmed the lights and told the next part of the story which, unfortunately, hadn’t been included in the Beginner’s Bible… Abraham... read more

Sunday School The Tower of Babel

Sunday School Lesson 12: The Tower of Babel As a child, the story about the Tower of Babel fascinated me. I honestly believed that the people were capable of building a tower that would reach into heaven, where God “lived”, and it was interesting to think what they might find there. I felt disappointed and even somewhat annoyed that God mixed up their language and they could no longer work on the tower. Needless to say, my understanding of the this story was… let’s just say inaccurate. Not only was it inaccurate, but it led me to have a false understanding of an omnipotent God and His plan for mankind. It was my mission, as I prepared the lesson plan for our little ones, to ensure that they did not have the same misunderstandings of the event, nor about God. I used some Duplo blocks and Lego people to act out the story. We started where we had left off the previous week – Noah, his family and all the animals had just gotten off the ark and God told them to have many children and spread out over all the earth. And so, they had many children, just as God had told them. However, they didn’t listen to the last bit of God’s commandment to spread out over all the earth, and they stayed together and traveled to a place called Shinar, where they decided to live. While in Shinar, they decided to build a great tower that would reach all the way into the sky so that they could show off how smart they were. They didn’t want to give God glory like Noah did after he came out of the ark. They wanted to show off how smart they were and get the glory for themselves. God saw that the hearts of the people building the tower were full of bad thoughts and that they were forgetting about God. God wanted them to stop building the tower and remember Him. Now, God is all-powerful and He could have knocked down their tower to stop them building it and to punish them for not listening to His commandment to spread over all the earth. However, God is much wiser than us and He didn’t destroy their tower; instead, He mixed up their languages! Now, the people had no choice but to stop building the tower. The people who spoke the same language grouped up and they all spread out in different directions, which is what God had originally asked them... read more

Sunday School God Keeps His Promises

Sunday School Lesson 11: God Keeps His Promises This is the last of three lessons about Noah. You can view the first lesson in the series here and the second lesson here. The aim of this third lesson was to show our kiddos that God can be trusted to keep His promises! Last week, we saw how Noah and his family got ready to board the ark and how God was involved in that process. This week, we started by taking talking about about Noah, his family and all the animals that had boarded the ark. God had just closed the door to the ark behind them and they were waiting to see what would happen. Would it start to rain, just as God had said? Suddenly, they heard a great roar of thunder and lightning flashed across the sky and it started to rain. And it rained and rained and rained. We were curious to see what Mr and Mrs. Noah were doing inside the ark. Were they scared by the thunder and lighting? Nope! They did not look one but worried or scared. In fact, they looked quite happy; God had kept them safe from the coming waters and they knew God would continue to be with them. They had nothing to fear because they knew God was with them. We then went on to talk about the rain stopping and how Noah became excited that they would soon be able to get off the ark. Noah decided to send a dove to look for dry land. I printed the dove pictured below, attached it to an icy-pole / popsicle stick and demonstrates the its flight in search of dry land. I asked some kiddos to help the dove fly all around the classroom in search of some land. All it found was a small little olive tree and it broke a leaf off from it, then flew with the leaf back to Noah, who was waiting on the ark. Noah knew that it wouldn’t be long until the ground would be dry enough for them. So, some days later, Noah sent the dove out again, and this time, it didn’t return; Noah knew this meant that he had found dry land! It was time to get off the boat and everyone was so excited! Noah and his family were thankful that God had kept them safe and Noah built an altar and praised God. We explained to our little dears what an altar looked like and that it was a way to say... read more

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