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Sunday School Creation: Birds and Fish

Sunday School – Creation Day 5: Birds and Fish I’d like to begin with an apology to everyone who has been waiting for me to continue with the Creation series. Due to family and work commitments, I had to put blogging on hold for a while, but I am back this week to show you what my little dears and I did for Day 5 of Creation. We started by talking about what God had created on the previous days. I brought out the Darkness and Light sensory bottles from Day 1, the Clouds and Ocean sensory bottle from Day 2, the Land and Plants sensory bottle from Day 3 and the Sun, Moon and Stars sensory bottles from Day 4 and we talked about what was in each one and. I then brought out the sensory bottles for Day 5 and I asked my little dears to try and guess what God had created… This bottle shows the sky and the different birds that God created. (As I didn’t have enough big bird pictures/stickers to put in, I added some butterfly ones… I know butterflies weren’t created on Day 5, but my kiddos got the idea that God made “things with wings” on  this particular day to fly across the sky). Then I brought out the second bottle and we talked about the different fish and sea creatures that God also created. The kids absolutely loved this second bottle: I put in some small sea shells and blue and clear gems and they made the most delightful sound as the bottle was turned upside down. We then checked to make sure that our answers were correct by reading from our Creation Story Book. (Click the picture to get the FREE book!) We then played a sorting game with some sensory tubs that I made up for my little dears. (Click any of the pictures below to get the FREE printables.) I filled the first sensory tub with blue Easter grass and some white cotton balls. For the ocean sensory tub, I filled it up with some blue water beads, different coloured shells and some plastic fish tank grass. My kids had lots of fun playing with the contents and sorting the different creatures to their correct tub. We wrapped up our lesson with two paper plate crafts. A bird… And a fish… Of course, there was a take home booklet too! (Click any of the pictures to get the FREE booklet.) Please click here to get the Romanian version of the Take Home... read more

Sunday School Creation: Sun, Moon and Stars

Sunday School Creation: Sun, Moon and Stars (The printables in this post are available in English or Romanian and can be downloaded at the end of this post.) We started our lesson about Day 4 of Creation by talking about what God had made on the previous days. Then, to find out what God had made on Day 4, we read from our Creation book. (Download the Creation book here!) We discovered that God created the sun, moon and stars. I pointed out that there was only one moon and one sun, but some many stars. I asked if anyone wanted to try to count them. “There are too many!” my kiddos replied. We then talked briefly about how awesome our God is that He can every single star in the universe and knows exactly how many there are! The little dears with some number knowledge were very impressed by how “smart” God is 😉 I then brought out the Sun, Moon and Stars exploration jars. To make the sun exploration jar, I painted a Styrofoam ball with oil-based yellow paint. I filled the jar with one tube of blue glitter glue, smallest drop of blue food dye and water. To make the moon and stars exploration jar, I painted a smaller Styrofoam jar with grey oil-based paint and added some glow-in-the dark stars. I filled the jar with one tube of silver glitter glue, some black water paint and water. Of course, glue on the lid. Unless you don’t mind cleaning up the mess that could be made 😉 We talked about how God made the sun to shine during the day and the moon to glow at night. We then focused our attention on the Sun and talked about Sun Safety. My kiddos area clever bunch and helped me sort the things we need to be safe when we are out in the sun from the things that we don’t need… though we all agreed that it would be nice to eat a slice of cake while out in the sun! We then did our craft for the week… a paper plate sun craft… … and the moon and a star on the other side of the paper plate… (The moon and star template is available at the end of this post.) And then, each kiddo took one of these booklets home: And that’s it for Day 4 of Creation! To download the FREE ENGLISH Sunday School printables from this post, please click here! To download... read more

Sunday School Creation: Land and Plants

We started Day 3 of Creation by talking about what God had made on Day 1 and Day 2. I brought out the sensory bottles as we talked about each day, and then I introduced our Day 3 sensory bottle. To make this bottle, I followed the directions from “My Little 3 and Me” blog post. I decided not to add real flowers as I am hoping this bottle will last for a couple of years (fingers crossed, folks!!) and put in some felt ones and small circle sequins. If it gets icky come next year, I will just make a new bottle with real flowers; the bottle with real flowers does look much prettier! Anywhooo… My little dears were mesmerized. They each wanted to have a turn shaking the bottle and enjoyed watching the contents settle. We talked about how God rolled back the seas and dry ground appeared. I told them how thankful I am that God made dry ground because, well, folks, I’m not much of a swimmer. And if I had to swim instead of walk… well, that would make things a little difficult for me! And now, because God had made dry land appear I don’t have to swim everywhere, but can walk! We talked about how God also made the hills, mountains, valleys and flat land. And, to pretty things up, God decorated them with beautiful flowers and trees and other types of wonderful plants. We then moved on to talk about the different plants that God had created. I explained that, even though there are so many different types of plants, they all need the same things to grow. And, because God is so wonderfully wise, He knew the things that plants would need to grow and He made sure He had made them in the first and second days of creation! So, we did a little sorting activity. We sorted pictures to show what plants needed to grow and things that they did not need. My kiddos had a good giggle at the pizza image 😉 (You can download this FREE sorting activity at the end of this post.) Once we finished the activity, the kiddos each had a chance to make the flower pictured below. I was fortunate to find the cute buckets on sale at a discount store, but yoghurt tubs would work just as well. We stuck some felt flowers on to the inside of a small patty-pan and then sticky taped it to an icy-pole stick. I did consider bringing some... read more

Sunday School Creation: Sky

We started our Sunday School Creation: Day 2 – God made the Sky lesson by recapping the previous lesson. “After God made the light, God looked out over the world and there was water E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E!” I told my kiddos. “I don’t know about you, but I’m not a good swimmer at all.” I asked my little dears if they could swim. A couple of hands shot up and we talked about swimming for a few minutes. Then I asked, “But what would happen to those people who can’t swim? They would have to ask the people who can to help them out.” My kiddos decided it would be hard to help someone else swim. I mean, yeah, perhaps for one day. But not every day. And not for a life time. We decided that, since God is very wise, He had a solution for our problem. “But wait!” I told them. “There is another problem! There is NO AIR! That is like holding your breath for ever!” We held our breath for a few seconds and they agreed that it would be a good idea to have air so that we can breathe. I then brought out my Day 2 sensory bottle. (This one contains some teeny-tiny Styrofoam balls, baby oil and water with 1/4 drop of food colouring.) I shook the bottle until the oil and water mixed. “This is what it was like at the beginning,” I explained to the excited kids. As the oil and water separated, I said, “Then God spoke and said, ‘Let there be a sky to divide the waters!’ And so, God separated the water and and put some in the fluffy, white clouds up the top, and He put some in the blue oceans down below. God called the space between the clouds and oceans, sky.” After my short explanation, we talked about the things we see up in the sky and in the oceans. Then we sorted some “things that go”: (Click here to download the English version and here for the Romanian version.) Next, we made our craft. I REALLY like this cloud craft from All Kids Network one as it is a great visual for helping kiddos remember that the sky was made to separate the water in the clouds from the water in the oceans. Here is our version from last year; this year, instead of using tissue paper for the droplets, we just had the kiddos colour them. Less prep for us 😉 (Click here for... read more

Sunday School Creation: Light

I love the story of Creation and teaching it to my little dears. It is a short passage in the Bible, but we teach each day of Creation separately. Our aim is, first and foremost, to help the kiddos understand that God is the Creator of all things. Then we try to help them learn what God created during each day. I started by showing them this picture. (This is not my original idea, so I don’t feel right sharing this printable with you. You can purchase a subscription to Bible Kids Fun Zone and use the printable available there. I have a subscription and LOVE the lesson plans and printables available.) “What is this?” I asked my kiddos. They totally ignored our “Raise hand to speak” rule (which we had just finished revising) and started calling the answers out. Ahem! Hands please! “It’s a puzzle. More importantly, it’s a puzzle of the world we live in now. But, in the beginning, our world was quite different! In fact, there were no trees, clouds, sun, people, animals, water or fish.” As I told them this, I removed each piece from the puzzle until there was nothing left. “What do you see now?” I asked them. “Nothing!” “Black!” “Dark!” “Paper!” they replied. “That’s right! It was dark! BUT, in that darkness, Someone was there! God was there! “ To prove just how dark it was, I took out my shoe-box and asked each kiddo to take a look through the front hole. (This is an idea from by Janae from I Can Teach My Child. Please visit her post for instructions on how to make and use this box.) I asked them again, “What do you see?” to which the responded, “Nothing!” “But then,” I told them in a hushed tone. “God SPOKE!” And He said: “Let there be LIGHT!” I asked each kiddo to look through the hole again. As they looked, I said, “Let there be light!” and switched on the flash light. “I can see the light!” my little dears squealed! After each child had a turn, I brought out some glitter bottles to help us re-tell the story of Creation. (There are many versions of how to make these glitter bottles floating around the internet. To make my two bottles, I used a tube of silver and gold glitter glue, black and white watercolour paint, fine and bigger glitter, some clear – and I stress CLEAR – Elmer’s school glue and warm water. I shook... read more

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