FREE Phonics Letter of the Week B

If you are looking for something to help with letter recognition, letter formation and phonetic sounds, then this pack is for you!

This Phonic Letter of the Week pack is a huge package all about the focus letter “B” and is suitable for children in Kindergarten (Prep). It is packed with a variety of fun activities, games and coloring and cut and paste worksheets. All of these are designed to help teach children the correct letter formation, letter identification and recognition of the letter sound for “B”.

This workbook is packed with an assortment of activities but because it is a part of the Phonics Letter of the Week series (to which this unit belongs) is that great emphasis can be placed on the letter sound which makes it ideal for teaching phonics.

1. Simply print the activities you wish to use and any corresponding pages related to the activity. To support this learning pack, a poster of the letter B with the correct letter formation is provided to print, laminate and display on your wall to use as a guide and teaching aide.

Before getting stuck into the pages, have the children first say the letter sound for ‘B’ aloud to reinforce the connection between the visual letter and the phonetic sound it makes. This will help them remember the letter more efficiently as multiple areas of learning and connections be made in the brain.

2. There is also a poster with CVC words for the letter ‘B’ that can be printed, laminated and displayed for your children to have them visually available to assist in their learning.

3. Flash cards with correct letter formation can be used as flash cards, tracing cards or even as posters. You may print, laminate and cut apart (optional).

4. Here we have the play dough mat to assist in letter formation of the letter ‘B’. This is such a fun hands-on activity your kiddos will enjoy rolling, squishing and shaping while building fine motor skills and learning to form the letter. Print, laminate, get some play dough out and you’re set!

5. Write and wipe cards with correct letter formation

These are super cute, and such a fun way to learn to correctly form the letter with number line guides and even more amazing is that they can be re-used for many years by laminating them. Who doesn’t love writing with dry erase markers? Fun to write and fun to wipe!

6.Write and wipe letter mat

This is another great activity to use with dry erase markers to trace both uppercase and lowercase letters. Include are also some CVC words that begin with the letter “b’ for the children to make the phonetic connection between sound and letter to words, which will increase their vocabulary for the focus letter down the track!

7. Vocabulary cards

A great activity to use to promote letter and word recognition for the focus letter which encourages phonetic discrimination for words including the sound ‘B’. They can be printed, laminated and cut to size to use throughout the day. Write the Room worksheet is also included where kiddos have the opportunity to write down as many words as they can see around the room beginning with the focus letter.

8. Sound Hound center activity

Print, laminate and cut the dog, picture cards and along the dashed lines. Each card will have a picture with the focus letter above it. Kiddos are to look at the picture, say it out loud and identify the positioning of the letter b from the word they have said (beginning/head; middle/tummy or end/tail). They then will place the cards under the corresponding dog section. Great to get them verbally saying words, identifying the phonetic sound and which part of the word it is coming from.

Following this activity, the Sound Hound Worksheet can then be completed. Kiddos can have fun, coloring, cutting and pasting and figuring out again which pictures will go under which part of the Sound Hound dog.

9. Build a sentence

An amazing activity to practice reading a predictable sentence using different words beginning with the focus letter. Kiddos choose one of the 8 picture words and place it over the blank square in the sentence frame. They should read the whole sentence out loud and repeat using the rest of the picture words.

The recording sheet is a very good tool also this activity as it allows the children to physically write full words and focus on the phonetic letter. They will get the idea of how to build a sentence using just a few words and focus it around the key letter being used.

10. Alphabet Flip Book

Children can color in the pictures and can cut the squares to assemble or can get your help to put the flip book together to arrange the word cards on top of each other to be able to e flipped through. This is a great activity to promote letter and word recognition, sentence building and phonetic sound practice around the focus letter. This can be used daily and is such a great one to grab out and practice. Some extra worksheets are provided for children to practice writing sentences and write words using the book.

11. Activity mini book

Kiddos will love this mini activity book. They have the opportunity to color, trace, circle and identify the letter formation and also identify words that begin with the focus letter.

12.  Alphabet Reader

This is such a great way to incorporate reading sentences and focused around the letter of the week and even better that it can be carried around and practiced anywhere. Print, cut, color (optional) and staple the sides together to form a booklet. Kiddos can enjoy reading the booklet as part of group work or individually.

13. Missing letter cut and paste reader

Another super fun activity mini reader which involves colouring, cutting and pasting the uppercase and lowercase letters of ‘b’ into the sentence on each page which can then be read out loud as a story book.

14. Picture Scramble cut and paste booklet

Your kiddos will love this activity! They can color, cut and unscramble the pieces to find the word and put the picture together properly to then paste into the booklet. Once the word and picture have been built and pasted in, the children can color the word, trace it and then have a go at writing it themselves.

15. Letter maze

Children complete the maze by coloring the squares that contain the focus uppercase and lowercase letters to make a path to the end. This is really good practice for the brain for letter discrimination as they have to search for the correct letter to make the path.

16. Font discrimination maze

Similar to the letter maze, children are to color in the circles with the uppercase and lowercase ‘b’ that are presented in different font styles.

17. Hidden Letter Worksheets

A great quiet activity where children get to use the  color codes at the top of the worksheet to color in the corresponding uppercase or lowercase to uncover the hidden letter on the page.

18. Beginning Sounds coloring worksheet

Children are to use their skills to figure out which words begin with the ‘b’ sound and color them in. Encourage them to look at each word and say them out loud to help identify which ones are to be colored in.

19. Letter find

This is another great activity sheet for letter discrimination as kiddos have to search for the uppercase and lowercase letters and color or circle them. They then have to number how many of each they found in the circles on the left.

20. Handwriting practice

These are so handy to have on hand to keep kiddos practicing writing uppercase and lowercase ‘b’. Print, laminate and use dry erase markers so that they can re-used over and over again.

21. Uppercase and Lowercase letter sort

This is a great activity to assist in identification of the uppercase and lowercase versions of the focus letter. Children are to trace the letters then to cut and paste the bottom squares to arrange in the correct rows.

22. Beginning Sounds Cut and Paste

Very similar to the letter sort activity, children are to cut and paste the pictures from the bottom and arrange in the correct row to identify which words begin with the letter ‘b’ and which do not.

23. Word Match Cut and Paste

Children can color in the images at the bottom and cut them out before beginning. They are to trace the words, read them out loud then paste the correct image matching the word along side it. They then have to re-write the word beside the image correct image to match it.

24.CVC read-match-write

This is a fun way to match words to pictures. Children are to read the words along the left hand side then draw lines to match the words to the correct picture. Next they can write the words in the correctly shaped boxes and then draw lines to the correct pictures again.

25. Homework reading

A great way to identify letter sounds and the positioning of them in words. Children are asked to read out loud the names of the pictures they see and identify the position of the sound. Next they are to think of other words that have the ‘B’ sound then finish off by reading the provided CVC words that also contain the phonetic sound.

26.Alphabet reading strips

Children are to read aloud the sentences on the page by beginning with the phonetic sound. A picture cue is provided for each vocabulary word.

27. Reading page

This page allows children to read a nursery rhyme, trace words and identify the focus letters on the page. Children can underline the found letters.

28.Build-A-Sentence Cut and Paste Worksheets (set of 5)

Children begin by reading the sentence provided. They then can cut the words from the bottom strip and arrange them and paste in the correct order to build the sentence. They then can write the sentence in the provided space then color in the picture.

29. Alphabet Crown

This can be completed at the end of the week as a reward for “I Know the Letter’ achievement for the focus letter. Children can color their crown as they wish and cut and paste the little shapes provided to glue them onto their crowns. What a great way to celebrate their achievement in their letter of the week.

30. Alphabet craft

These two blank uppercase and lowercase letters can be used for arts and crafts for children to be creative in decorating or coloring it as they wish. Please visit my blog for more craft ideas:

I am sure this Phonics Letter of The Week booklet will be a great resource for your children’s learning. So many activities to choose from, you can’t go wrong!

Happy teaching 🙂

Click here or the image below to download the FREE Phonics Letter of the Week “B” packet.

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