Math Centers: Word Problems for August

Hi everyone,

I have another super fun August Math Word Problem activity book for you! This one has some similarities with the previous Math Word Problem booklet, but is a little different too. So let’s get stuck into it!

This booklet contains 4 addition and subtraction math word problem activites. Each activity has a colourful printable main activity card with matching cut-out manipulatives. There are also 4 worded additional problem cards and 4 worded subtraction problem cards alongside a recording page for each. The recording page will be very useful for the kiddos to show their working out.

These are so simple to use and such a great way to get kiddos learning how to correctly do math word problems. Simply print and laminate for durability if you wish to reuse them again and again. Cut along the dashed lines and cut out the matching manipulatives. Print out the recording page, or multiples of and store them together until you are ready to use.

The printable activity manipulatives are bright and colourful to make it even more appealing for the kiddos. These are suitable for Kindergarten (Prep) and Grade 1 students that are able to read.

On the recording page, children have the opportunity to draw the math problem in picture form, counting cubes to colour or cross out, a tens frame, number line, equation writing and final answer spot. All of these methods will all show different number representations and working out processes for the final answer.

Children are to read the word problem from the word problem cards (which are numbered at the top to show which card they complete on the recording page). Next they can use the provided printable activity page and manipulatives to put together the word problem. Finally, they can use the recording page to show working out of the answer. The children will have a spot to write their answer as a mathematical numeral equation and also as a written word answer.  Multiple copies of the recording page can be printed for children to complete more than one math card word problem if they wish to.

This would be great to do as an individual learning task but it could absolutely be done in a group setting or at table time, even buddied-up in pairs to work together to solve the problem. This could be beneficial if you plan to promote social bonding or if you have quiet/shy children that may need a little guidance or would benefit from idea sharing and socializing.

Other physical manipulatives could be substituted if you wish to replace the printable activity manipulatives with something more hands-on. Could be anything like coins, blocks, marbles, matchsticks etc. By doing so, it helps the kiddos visualize the math problem in a concrete manner to support their working out.

Overall, this is a great booklet if you are looking to get your children practicing working out math word problems!

Happy teaching 🙂

If you would like to purchase this pack, click here or the image below.

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