FREE CH Digraph Printable Activities & Worksheets

Guys, today’s post is going to be long. I mean, seriously, you may as well make yourself comfortable and grab a cup of coffee or tea. No, not really. It’s only long because there are a ton of pictures but pictures are worth a thousand words so, in reality, this could have been a much longer post! You’re welcome 😉 Ugh. Why am I rambling?! Let’s just get into it, shall we? Today, I want to share with you the contents of my CH digraph packet. Not just in photos to show you how to set things up and use them, but also as an exclusive and totally free download! So, if you want to skip all the photos and just get to the free CH digraph packet so that you can download it and try it out, scroll all the way to the bottom and click the CH digraph cover and it’s all yours. First up, is a CH digraph poster. Just print, laminate and hang up on your wall. Next is another poster but this time with words that your kiddos can read! (Am I the only one who, when reading through the list of words, is tempted to make up a...
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Colors Flip Books

Flip books. Not flipbooks… not those ity-bity million-paged books that you flip quickly to reveal a short “animation.” Nup. Those aren’t the books I’m talking about; I’m talking about the ah-mazing paper-saving booklet that you literally make from one single piece of paper. Flip Books. And today, I want to show you the cute Colors Flip Book packet that I created to help teach your little ones not only their colors and color words, but also how to read and write a simple sentence. For that reason, I have included a couple of recording sheets in this packet to help you focus on your goals! Here are all the colors I have included – of course, there are two grey/gray pages to accommodate for American and Australian spelling. What can you do with the colored booklets? Well, you can use them as a model to show children how their assembled flip book will look like. They can also be stored in the reading corner. What’s this I think you’re thinking…? You’d like to see what the black and white copies look like? Sure thing! And. Here is a pic to show you what the recording pages look like. As you can see, the first...
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FREE Valentine’s Day Sight Words Activity

February. The month of all things pink and and all things heart shaped. The month where we bring out all our Valentine themed resources. Why do we do it? Well, we are hoping that by changing things up, our kiddos will approach learning with wonder and excitement. On that note, I’d like to share with you all a TOTALLY FREE Valentine’s Day sight word building activity. This is a Valentine’s Day sight word building activity. Kiddos pick a tray, read the word on it and use the included heart letters to build that word. It’s simple. It’s fun. But I know. There is a lot of cutting. I know. But if you laminate them, they will last a long time. They will. It’s totally worth the investment! Also, I have included a recording page. I mean, we want to know that are kiddos are actually doing something and we need evidence of that work! If you have a totally different sight word list than the one I have provided, you may like to check out the editable sight word packet by clicking here or the picture below. If you like the idea of editable sight word resources, then you may be interested in the...
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Sight Words and Word Families Week 3

Welcome to Sight Words and Word Families Week 3 where I will be sharing with you some free samples of worksheets, readers and activities that you may find useful in your classroom or home. You can read about Sight Words and Word Families Week 1 here.  You can read about Sight Words and Word Families Week 2 here.  Week 3 focus sight words: is, it, like, my Focus word family: am (Click the photo to download the sight words and word family word wall. Click here to purchase the complete Pre-Primer Sight Words Word Wall packet and here for the complete Word Family Posters packet.) Let’s begin by looking at some sight word beginning and struggling reader booklets. By far, my favourite booklets are the flip books. (Click here to view them in my store, or the picture to download free samples.) Children are not only reading the focus word in context, but if you using the accompanying worksheets, your beginning writers can also practice writing a sentence correctly. These booklets are definitely going to boost your beginning reader’s self esteem when they see that they were able to make their own booklet AND also read it! Another favourite reading activity of mine comes from the Sight Words Fluency Reading...
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Back to School SALE 2018

  Well, it’s that time of year again! To help you all prepare for back to school, TpT is throwing a site wide sale August 1st and 2nd. My entire store will be 25% off during these two days. I also have the most amazing BUNDLE DEALS you won’t want to miss out on! They are going to be discounted at less than 50% during these two days. (If you’re in love with the cute image drawn by Kari Bolt, be sure to follow her on Facebook by clicking here!) I will also be hosting some GIVEAWAYS on my Facebook page during the first day of the sale. Please follow me to get the chance to win the following items: Happy SALE! – Lavinia Click to view my TpT store Click to follow me on Facebook Click to check out my...
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