Christmas Literacy Centers for Kindergarten

Christmas Literacy Centers for Kindergarten Christmas is just over a month away and I have been working as much as I can to get the updates available to you before the beginning of December. Things are a bit hectic in my life at the moment as we have just moved house, but I will do my best to get the Christmas Math Centers updated too 🙂 PLEASE NOTE: This blog post contains sample pages from my Christmas Literacy Centers for Kindergarten packet. You can download the free sample pages by clicking on the photos. To purchase the complete Christmas Literacy Centers for Kindergarten packet, please click here! 1. Christmas write & wipe alphabet To prepare the cards for use in a write and wipe center, print, laminate them, and then cut them apart. The intention of this activity is for children to practice correct letter formation with a dry-erase marker. The cards can be kept in a book-like format by making a hole in the top left corner and securing together with a key ring or a pipe-cleaner. 2. Missing letters: Christmas ornaments To prepare the cards for use, print, laminate and cut apart. Children are required to identify the missing letter and place it in...
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Sunday School Promises for Abraham

Sunday School Lesson 13: Promises for Abraham This week’s lesson was a super fun one for our little ones! The focus was on God’s promises, so we started by talking about a promise that we had learnt a couple of weeks before. We remember that God had made a promise to Noah to save him and his family from the flood and we saw that God had kept that promise. Then, after the flood was over, God promised Noah to never destroy the world through a flood and God put a rainbow in the sky as a sign of that promise. God kept this promise, too. We explained to our kiddos that whenever we see a rainbow in the sky, we should can remember that God is faithful: when He says He will do something, He will definitely, without a doubt, do it. We then introduced one of Noah’s great, great, great, great, great, great, great, grandchildren: Abraham. We read pages 39-45 from our Beginner’s Bible, and then we retold the story to make it come alive for our kiddos. Our retelling started with God telling Abraham to move to a new land. We spoke about the uncertainty of the journey that lay ahead, and that he would have needed to pack some things....
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Thanksgiving Math Centers for Kindergarten

Thanksgiving Math Centers for Kindergarten Hey all! I’m back again to show you the activities included in the Thanksgiving Math Centers for Kindergarten. PLEASE NOTE: This blog post contains sample pages from my Thanksgiving Math Centers for Kindergarten packet. You can download the free sample pages by clicking on the photos. To purchase the complete Thanksgiving Math Centers for Kindergarten packet, please click here! Let’s just jump right into it! Contents: 1. Thanksgiving count and clip cards. These are basic counting cards that require kiddos to clip a peg on the correct answer and then record their answers on the recording page provided. 2. Turkey counting on (1-10). This activity’s level of difficulty gradually increases. Kiddos start off by writing a couple of the missing numbers on the first handful of cards and then, by the last handful, they are given only the starting number or a middle number, from which they have to count on (and count backwards). 3. Thanksgiving Which has More? clip cards. Kiddos simply clip the box that contains the most items. On the recording page, they color either the top of bottom box to show where they clipped. 4. Thanksgiving Which has Less? clip cards. This is the same as the “Which has More” activity, only...
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Sunday School The Tower of Babel

Sunday School Lesson 12: The Tower of Babel As a child, the story about the Tower of Babel fascinated me. I honestly believed that the people were capable of building a tower that would reach into heaven, where God “lived”, and it was interesting to think what they might find there. I felt disappointed and even somewhat annoyed that God mixed up their language and they could no longer work on the tower. Needless to say, my understanding of the this story was… let’s just say inaccurate. Not only was it inaccurate, but it led me to have a false understanding of an omnipotent God and His plan for mankind. It was my mission, as I prepared the lesson plan for our little ones, to ensure that they did not have the same misunderstandings of the event, nor about God. I used some Duplo blocks and Lego people to act out the story. We started where we had left off the previous week – Noah, his family and all the animals had just gotten off the ark and God told them to have many children and spread out over all the earth. And so, they had many children, just as God had told them. However, they didn’t listen to the last bit...
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Sunday School God Keeps His Promises

Sunday School Lesson 11: God Keeps His Promises This is the last of three lessons about Noah. You can view the first lesson in the series here and the second lesson here. The aim of this third lesson was to show our kiddos that God can be trusted to keep His promises! Last week, we saw how Noah and his family got ready to board the ark and how God was involved in that process. This week, we started by taking talking about about Noah, his family and all the animals that had boarded the ark. God had just closed the door to the ark behind them and they were waiting to see what would happen. Would it start to rain, just as God had said? Suddenly, they heard a great roar of thunder and lightning flashed across the sky and it started to rain. And it rained and rained and rained. We were curious to see what Mr and Mrs. Noah were doing inside the ark. Were they scared by the thunder and lighting? Nope! They did not look one but worried or scared. In fact, they looked quite happy; God had kept them safe from the coming waters and they knew God would continue to be with them. They had nothing to fear because they knew God...
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