September Writing Journal

Hey everyone, the September Journal workbook is a great picture and writing prompt activity-based worksheet collection to get your kiddos developing their writing skills. These of course, are themed and based around the month of September (USA), hence the name September Journal.

These are fantastic for beginner writers and even for struggling writers who may need that little nudge to get them started. The worksheets are targeted for children in Kindergarten (Prep), Grade 1 and Grade 2. There are varying levels throughout with some very easy for beginners and some with extra lined spaces for more writing for the older children.

Included is some drawing and labelling sheets where children can use the written or image prompt to complete the task and add their own artistic creativity into it. Kiddos get the opportunity to develop their literature writing skills and sentence structure by using both the picture and writing prompts and can enjoy colouring their pages too!

List writing prompts are next in the pack and entail the children to ponder upon the prompt and consider their answers to complete their lists.

The procedure writing worksheets with pictures are amazing journal prompts for learning in my opinion! Children examine the images and have to break down the task shown in the pictures and write then in an instructional step-by-step manner. This is great practice for learning to write things in sequence to tell a story or to give precise directions for a set task. This will benefit children a lot in their future years.

I have a variety of opinion writing prompts and these are particularly good because children are able to relate the prompt topic back to themselves and express their personal thoughts through writing. Each child’s opinion writing WILL always be different and that is what makes it such a special form of writing and is a great way of teaching how we all add value to the world as we see things differently.

The narrative writing pages have a picture they can color and examine what it going on in the picture to come up with a sentence or two to describe what they see. Some of these journal prompts have a larger writing space for a longer writing pieceĀ if children choose to write more.

Finally we have letter writing to grandparents. This particular journaling piece could be seen as most expressive as children get to write and personal (sometimes sentimental) letter to their loved grandparent.

A cover page is also included if you wish to staple the booklet together from the very beginning, or even at the end after all the worksheets have been completed. They will be able to look back and see all they have written about in their September journals.

Happy teaching! šŸ™‚

If you would like to purchase this packet, click here or the image below.

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