Thanksgiving No Prep Math & Literacy Worksheets for Kindergarten

I hope you’re doing well 🙂 Today, I’ll be showing you the contents of the Thanksgiving No Prep Kindergarten packet. To get some free sample pages, please click here!

1. Thanksgiving syllables

2. Thanksgiving turkey lower case to upper case letter match (3 pages)

3. Thanksgiving alphabet sequence picture scramble puzzles (4 pages)

4. Thanksgiving beginning sounds cut and paste (2 pages)

5. Thanksgiving write the beginning blend

6. Thanksgiving write the missing middle sound (short vowels)

7. Thanksgiving long vowels

8. Thanksgiving word family turkeys cut and paste (2 pages)

9. Thanksgiving match the pictures to the correct sentence cut and paste

10. Thanksgiving match the punctuation mark to the correct sentence cut and paste

11. Thanksgiving color by PRE-PRIMER sight words (2 pictures)

12. Thanksgiving mystery PRE-PRIMER sight words (2 pages)

13. Thanksgiving write the missing sight word

14. Thanksgiving punctuation

15. Label the turkey, pumpkin and Thanksgiving elements (3 pages)

16. Thanksgiving Dinner emergent reader – (color and B&W) with comprehension questions

17. Thanksgiving build-a-word booklet (17 words)

18. Thanksgiving turkey number sense cut and paste (numbers 1-10)

19. Thanksgiving turkey number word and numeral match (numbers 1-10)

20. Thanksgiving turkey numbers before and after (numbers 1-20)

21. Thanksgiving making 10 with Ten Frames (2 pages)

22. Thanksgiving ten frame match (numbers 10-20)

23. Thanksgiving acorn cut and paste missing numbers – skip counting by 5s

24. Thanksgiving greater number

25. Thanksgiving turkey addition with manipulatives (within 5 and 10) (2 pages)

26. Thanksgiving turkey subtraction with manipulatives (within 5 and 10) (2 pages)

27. Thanksgiving turkey patterns (AB/AAB/ABB/AABB/ABC/ABBC)

28. Thanksgiving dinner halves

29. Thanksgiving then and now sorting

30. Thanksgiving measurement (weight)

31. Thanksgiving sequencing -life cycle of a pumpkin

Happy Teaching 🙂

To download free sample pages, please click here!

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