August Writing Journal Prompts

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I have prepared a writing journal package for the month of August, packed with many great writing prompt pages to engage your kiddos in the practice of writing. Writing helps improve creativity, letter/sentence formation and develops communication skills enabling them to express their ideas, thoughts and needs into a written format.

This journal pack contains a collection of writing prompts for the month of August exploring different styles and writing types. It is designed to provide learning opportunities to develop children’s handwriting and sentence forming.

These are suitable for children in Kindergarten, Grade 1 and Grade 2, for both beginner writers and those that struggle to expand onto their writing and need a little more practice or prompting to build onto their sentence forming.

First up we have draw and label journal prompts. Children have the opportunity to draw and color as instructed on the page then are prompted to label each item. Children can be as creative as they like and can have a go at labelling what they have drawn.

Next we have list writing. Children have to think about things that they like about the selected journal prompt page and have to compose these in list format, working on letter forming to write their lists.

The ‘how to/procedure writing’ pages are particularly great because children have to think about HOW they will begin and break down the selected procedure task to write them into steps. For each procedure writing page, there are 2 pages (one with pictures and one without pictures) for children to draw their own.  

We then have a heap of wonderful writing prompt pages with pictures that are fairly simple and children can easily do these without much help. Kiddos are to write a sentence or two about the prompt on the selected page and can draw and/or colour in the picture about it.

Next we have opinion writing. Kiddos have the opportunity here to think about the prompt and write about their reasoning for choosing one or the other or why they believe this or that etc. This helps children develop vocabulary to express their opinion in writing format, but also deeply think about their chosen responses, enabling them to share what they think.

Narrative writing. Here we have some prompt pages for kiddos to write a small story or sentences about the topic. Kiddos use skills to connect what they are seeing in the image and think about how to describe it or tell it in sentence form.

This is a great narrative prompt as it helps the kiddos identify the emotion shown and think about something that makes them feel that emotion. They must use their writing skills to describe something that makes them feel that way.

Here are some other pages included in the packet.

If you would like to purchase this resource, please click here or the picture below.

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