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Hey guys! I wanted to swing past today to give you a sneak peak at what I have included in my Kindergarten Literacy Centers packet to help you start off the school year!

PLEASE NOTE: This blog post contains sample pages from my Back to School Literacy Centers for Kindergarten packet. You can download the free sample pages by clicking on the photos. To purchase the complete Back to School Literacy Centers for Kindergarten packet, click here.

My kindergarten packets all include (or will be updated to include) an “I can” instructions page for children and a label that you can put on the front of whatever storage device you use to store all the bits and pieces.

I’m a firm believer that there is no such thing as too much handwriting practice, and so, first up in this Back to School packet is an Alphabet Write and Wipe center. Prep is really easy: just print, laminate and cut the cards along the dashed lines using a paper guillotine. Give your kiddos some wipeable markers or crayons with a cloth and it’s ready to go!

Next, I included a whole set of upper and lower case apple letters and apples numbered 1-10. You can used the apple cards for activities such as:

  • alphabet/number order
  • upper – lower case letter matching
  • missing letter/number
  • mats for beginning sounds or counting objects

And you can use them as I originally intended as a sorting activity. You can focus on sorting upper and lower case letters, or include sorting numbers too. Once completed, kiddos record their work on the recording page included.

The next activity is another super easy one to prep – just print, laminate and cut in half! This activity is a simple letter matching one. Supply your kiddos with small letter tiles or magnetic letters and they are ready to get matching. I have included a recording page for this activity too. Now, if your kiddos are struggling to write their letters so early in the year, give them some letter stickers or alphabet stamps for them to use on their recording page.

It’s also important for kiddos to learn upper and lower case matches early on, so I have included an apple upper and lower case letter match. Once again, print, laminate and cut and you’re ready to go. For this particular activity, you will need to provide children with some pegs so that they can select their answer. To make this a self-checking activity, place a small dot on the reverse side of the correct apple. Or course, once done, they show their work by completing the recording page included.

Next is an activity for those kiddos who already know their ABCs and are ready for the next challenge of determining beginning sounds. Prep is easy for this activity too – just print, laminate and cut in half. You will need to supply children with small letter tiles for this activity. I have included recording pages with pictures for this activity and so it can also be used as a standalone worksheet, if you prefer.

For children who are not quite so confident with beginning sounds, I have included 20 cards that display a picture and three answer options.

Next up is a Write the Room activity. Once you have printed, laminated and cut the picture cards, you put them up around your room for your kiddos to find. Provide each child with a recording page (or use both if you wish) inside a clipboard and a pencil. Children walk around the room, looking for the school themed vocabulary cards. Once they find one, they locate the matching picture on their recording page and write the word on the writing line next to it.

I like word families as an initial way to introduce children to rhyming. They are also easy words that children can sound out and read as soon as they know their letter sounds. So, the next activity is a word family sorting activity. Children read each word and place the kids on the correct bus. Once done, they record their answers.

Then there is a syllables activity. The focus in this packet is on only one, two and three syllable words.

Last, I included a sight word sorting activity. My Kindergarten packets focus on the pre-primer and primer sight words. Of course, you can also use plastic cups instead of the printable ones I have included!

Well, there you have it! If you liked the sample pages included, you can purchase the complete Back to School Literacy packet by clicking here or the image below.

If you need a matching math packet, you can read about it here or purchase it by click on the picture below!

9 Responses to “Back to School Literacy Centers for Kindergarten | Morning Tubs / Bins”

  1. Misty says:

    Love these great ideas!

  2. Adina says:

    Lavinia, mă bucur enorm că am găsit blogul tău. Aș avea o întrebare și o rugăminte. Sunt interesată de materialele tale despre alfabet, însă de varianta lor editabilă, pentru că aș vrea să o pot modifica să fie în limba română. Vreau să-i învăț pe copii alfabetul în română, mai apoi în engleză, pentru că noi trăim în România. Oare e posibil să cumpăr varianta lor editabilă? Sau oare o poți modifica tu?
    Aș vrea să te mai întreb ceva. Mă interesează să fac și eu pentru copiii mei fișe de lucru de genul celor pe care tu și alte mame le creați, dar nu știu de unde să cumpăr imagini, template-uri etc pentru că aș dori să le fac în limba română. Mă poți ajuta în sensul acesta cu idei de surse?

    • Lavinia Pop says:

      Adina, resursele nu sunt editabile. Totusi, daca ai Adobe Acrobat Pro, poti sa modifici textul. Imi pare rau ca nu te pot ajuta mai mult.
      – Lavinia

      • Adina says:

        Mulțumesc pentru răspuns.
        Aș mai avea o rugăminte dacă nu te superi.
        Anul acesta voi lucra ca educatoare la o grădiniță creștină, cu copii între 2-5 ani. Aș dori să pot face și pentru ei materiale asemănătoare, în special pentru învățarea literelor. Materiale pentru numere, forme, animale pot folosi și în engleză, dar cele cu litere nu se potrivesc. Pentru asta, aș avea nevoie de idei de surse de unde pot lua clipart-uri, templates sau orice ar fi nevoie pentru crearea fișelor. Și de idei despre cum pot face fișe de prescriere și scriere a literelor. Mă poți ajuta cu surse?
        Ți-aș fi foare recunoscătoare,


  3. alex says:

    What font are you using in the letter tracing pages? I need something like this to create a SPanish resource for my students!

  4. Susan says:


    I own a couple of your sets purchased from TeachersPay Teachers and love them! I was wondering if the Flip Book for Groundhog’s Day might be given for free?

    I did not know that you were on Facebook until I went to Pinterest. I did not even know that you had your own website…silly me!


  5. Curly says:

    Can’t wait to us with my 3 year old

  6. Michelle says:

    Can you tell me how can I get the complete set of traceable alphabets.

  7. Amy Fitch says:

    I love these ideas! Where can I find the templates for them? Great for my kindergarten class.

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