Fine Motor Morning Bins for August

Hey Everyone!

It’s time to get those fine motor muscles working! Kiddos love hands-on learning activities and this is just perfect for that!

This work pack contains a large collection of printable activities to get your kiddos some hands-on small muscle development. These are best suited for use for children in Preschool, Pre-kindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten (Prep).

All supplies required to use these worksheets are listed on the ‘Introduction’ page under ‘Directions of Use’. If you do not have the listed manipulatives available, feel free to improvise with whatever you do have similar, that can still have the same learning outcome of the activity.

These activities involve the use of an assortment of manipulatives, which will not only assist the children in their fine motor learning, but will also make this work pack super enjoyable and exciting as they get to cut, thread, paste, roll, build, pin, hole punch, colour and much more. Okay, so let’s talk a little about the importance of fine motor development.

Fine motor skills are not only important to develop those small muscles in hands, fingers and arms, but it also sets children up for success for the rest of their lives. Now let me elaborate a little on that. By strengthening their small muscles and developing strong fine motor skills, children are able to enjoy and complete many tasks and daily physical self-care requirements.

It is a benefit as they begin to learn to button a button for themselves, tie a shoelace, zip up a jacket, write with a pencil or to correctly move and control small objects. They will be able to enjoy activities that require finger/ hand strength plus hand-eye co-ordination and even excel at physical sports and activities.

These activities are not only great for exercising those small muscles and building strength, but also great for cognitive development as their brain is stimulated to concentrate on the activity, and learn to use small objects with use of a variety of small fiddly manipulatives.

The punch card activities are excellent for small muscle building and hand-eye co-ordination. It requires the kiddos to use physical strength to push down onto the puncher to punch the holes, as well as good finger and hand grip to hold and control the puncher over the correct spaces to be punched.

There are many cutting practice cards.

Dot painting is super fun and colourful and such a simple way to promote fine motor development.

Kiddos will use dot painting markers/textas/Q-tips with paint or even small circle stickers to complete the activities.

Lacing cards are always fun and great for eye-hand coordination.

Kids build the pattern on each card using beads or any other coloured items you have on hand.

Instead of laminating the maze cards, you can slip them into a plastic pocket like the one pictured below.

Pop the “Missing Colours” activity into a plastic pocket and use with erasable markers.

… Or you could use small beads, sequins, pom-poms, etc.

Building Brick picture activities promote excellent hand-eye co-ordination and great fine motor skills as they must figure out and use spatial awareness to build the picture as shown, onto the brick. This particularly will require some patience and persistence if they do not get it right the first go.

To print smaller cards of any activity listed here, simply select the option on your printer that allows you to print multiple pages on one paper.

Pattern blocks. Print full page and build the image on the page…

… or print 4 pages on one paper for smaller cards.

All children love the use of paint, colours, string, playdough, lego, blocks just to name a few; and this work pack involves a wide variety of these kind of manipulatives so learning WILL be fun!

Geoboard activity cards are also included.

I am absolutely confident that your children will really enjoy these activities.

Happy teaching!

To download some free sample pages from this HUGE packet, please click here.

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    This looks amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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    I like them.

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