Preschool Letter H

I decided to try something new for our Preschool Letter H. Instead of a beginning sounds basket, I used some of our beginning H vocabulary cards and covered the words at the top with playdough.

ย Preschool Letter H vocabulary cards

Filip’s job was to say the name of each picture and figure out the beginning sound.

Preschool Letter H vocabulary cards

He then took the playdough off and checked to see whether he got the beginning sound right. He made a remarkable discovery that all the pictures started with the H sound ๐Ÿ™‚

Preschool Letter H vocabulary cards

We took out our H Alphabet Play Dough Matย and Filip started by finger-tracing the letter to learn the path of motion for letter formation.

ย Preschool Letter H play dough mat

Then we used some playdough:

Preschool Letter H play dough mat

Preschool Letter H play dough mat

We got out our dot paints and Filip did a Letter Find worksheet. This is always a favourite and he is super thorough, checking each letter before stating: “Finished! Can you see any other ones?”

ย Preschool Letter H Letter Find

We are loving our lowercase letter formation practice sheets from The Measured Mom.

Preschool Letter H writing practice

We recently came across this fun worksheet from Mariela Santillana (check it out here) and HAD to have it; my little man loves cutting and pasting and this was perfect for him!

Preschool Letter H cut and paste worksheet

Then we read our letter h CVC word slider cards.This is by far his favourite “game”. Here he was sounding out: “H…a…m…” and then peeked inside the envelope to see the picture and happily announced: “Turkey! H-a-m – turkey!” This is why peeking is not allowed!!

Preschool Letter H word slider cards

Letter H CVC picture puzzles. We attached magnets to the back of these so that they are easier for Filip to arrange.

Preschool Letter H CVC picture puzzles

Then we moved on to our CVC word building activity. I placed the letter tiles in 3 columns (beginning, middle and ending sounds) to make it easier for him to find the sounds. Just letting you know that Filip does not do this activity independently; I say the word for each picture,emphasizing each sounds. Filip then identifies the sound heard, finds the letter tile and places it in the correct spot.

ย Preschool Letter H CVC build a word cards

Heaps of fun!

Preschool Letter H CVC build a word cards

We started Day 2 by tracing over our letter H playdough mats with a white board marker.

Preschool Letter H playdough mats

We used our pin board to make the letter H. (If you’re from Australia and are keen to get a push pin set (also called Mosaic Pins), they are available at K’Mart. ) I wrote the letter H on the board…

Preschool Letter H pin the letter

…and Filip pushed the pins in being careful to follow the letter formation he learned from the playdough mat.

Preschool Letter H pin the letter

Happy little boy!

Preschool Letter H pin the letter

Here is a pre-writing practice page by From the Pond.

Preschool Letter H pre-writing

Ourย Preschool Letter H Number Puzzle.

Preschool Letter H number and letter puzzle

We read our word slider cards again. Here’s a little “trick” I discovered: put all the word slider cards inside the envelope before beginning. That way, you don’t have to keep swapping them over ๐Ÿ™‚

Preschool Letter H word slider cards

We started Day 3 by revising beginning sounds E, F, G and H using our beginning sounds scoops.

Preschool Letter H beginning sounds scoops

Preschool Letter H beginning sounds scoops

And did the follow up cut and paste activity. Can you tell which pictures I coloured? ๐Ÿ™‚

Preschool Letter H beginning sounds scoops

Filip used some glitter pens to doย And then aย Q-Tip Letter H page from 1plus1plus1equals1.

Preschool Letter H fine motor

He then did a CVC cut and paste worksheet. Here he is tracing the words, sounding out each letter as he goes:

Preschool Letter H CVC tracing


Preschool Letter H CVC worksheet cut and paste

We finished our Preschool Letter H with a craft.

Preschool Letter H CVC craft: H is for House, h is for horse

H is for house and H is for horse. As you can probably tell, neither of us are fantastic artists, but we sure enjoy our “school time” together!

Preschool Letter H CVC craft: H is for House, h is for horse

I’d like to finish with a GIVEAWAY for my Alphabet Beginning Sounds Scoops to 5 lucky people!!

Beginning Sound Scoops

To enter, leave a comment and a contact e-mail! I will announce the winners on Facebook and directly to the e-mail specified!

66 Responses to “Preschool Letter H”

  1. Roxanne Clinton says:

    These activities are just perfect for my little kiddos!!!

    • Debbie says:

      I love how the activities are hands on, fun and engaging. Activities like that help the student to learn. I have 40 PreK students and would love to use these activities.

  2. Cindy says:

    Yes! Please!!!

  3. Debbie says:

    I would love this. I love your products and use a lot of them. In fact, I just bought the alphabet flip books. I would love, love, love to have these to go with my collection. Thanks for the chance.

  4. Arla Hulsey says:

    This is really neat. Your products are always outstanding.

  5. Brittney says:

    I would love these activities for my youngest son. He would enjoy these.

  6. Tasha Carter says:

    Would love this for my daycare kids!
    It looks awesome!
    So much fun!

  7. Any Mayer says:

    Love this! My girls will enjoy this.

  8. verna harrison says:

    I love the variety. Differentiation works really well with my kids.

  9. Elizabeth LaFreniere says:

    You are my favorite on Teacher pay Teachers. I would love
    something like this for my daughter.

  10. Shannon Rahming says:

    This is really cool. I really loved how u had Filip figure out the sound the beginning sound. These Beginning Sound Scoops are great! These would be a prefect addition to learning the alphabet!

  11. Filip is too cute! Great ideas and thanks for the giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚
    lorepuckett at gmail dot com

  12. Lisa says:

    Love all of these activities!

  13. Lucy says:

    I would love this! It’s perfect for my kiddos.

  14. Cherie says:

    Filip is so cute! Love his smile! The beginning sounds scoops would be fun for my 3-year old who loves ice cream!

  15. Jan S says:

    Beginning Sound Scoops has been in my son’s wish list for awhile. Thanks for the chance to win it!

  16. Jen says:

    How fun! These would be perfect for my little one!

  17. Kristy Koopman says:

    Love seeing your resources in action, and his smile is infectious ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. kirsti says:

    Love your resources- hugely helpful!!

  19. Diana Hunsberger says:

    This would be great for my ESL class. Love the pictures and the idea.

  20. Rhoda A says:

    Would love to have this!!

  21. Kirsty says:

    Love the beginning sounds scoops and the letter puzzles. I have just printed the letter puzzles for my Mr 3 this morning.

  22. Bill Cameron says:

    Each activity is child focused in that it is meaningful learning, open for creativity, and fun. As an organized educator, I value the simplicity of these activities because expectations and routines can easily be established yet modified for various letters. My students have shown positive growth from using your materials and ideas within my Kindergarten classroom. Thank you!

  23. Sue Hills says:

    Love these ideas!!! Looks like another great activity packet. Thanks!!

  24. Debbie Thompson says:

    This activity is so cute. Loved all the H activities. Where did you get the push pins?

  25. Darlene LeBrock says:

    Love all of your activities!

  26. Erin says:

    Great post of ideas for learning about the letter Hh which an e applied to all letters!! Thank you! I will start following your blog for more teaching ideas for little ones! I’d love to win your “Beginning a Sounds Scoops”!!

  27. Kathryn Spradlin says:

    As with all of your resources – your “scoops” look amazing! P.S. Your son, Filip, looks so engaged in his activities – LOVE it!

  28. Brandi Barnett says:

    I just love all of your ideas!! I have got to find myself the plastic canvas and push pins. Those are so cool!

  29. Amy Vancura says:

    Spent lots if time on TpT last night saving all of your wonderful activities to my wish list ๐Ÿ™‚ Love this beg sound sort with ice cream cones…perfect my ice cream loving kiddos!

  30. Kristan Branham says:

    Working with letter sounds with my daughter and this could come in handy!

  31. Robyn says:

    Lots of great ideas! Thanks!

  32. Jan Bruenger says:

    That push pin activity looks like so much fun! Winning this packet will give me an excuse to get lots more fun supplies, like bingo markers, push pins…… And can I just mention that your little boy is SOOO handsome?!

  33. Lisset salazar says:

    Awesome center activities!!!!

  34. Melissa says:

    Your work is so fun and vibrant! I use your products with my speech students ages pre-k through second grade. They love the activities and fun, motivating ways of learning to communicate!

  35. Eliza says:

    Hey! I’m a rising senior studying elementary education at North Carolina State University. I’m hoping to teach kindergarten when I graduate next year and have started collecting things for my classroom! You’re beginning sounds scoop activity and booklet looks awesome and I would love one to add to my future classroom resources! Thanks!

  36. Lucy says:

    I would love to have this. It would be perfect for my class. Here’s hoping!

  37. Lu says:

    I would absolutely love, love to have this and would use it so much!! Thanks for the chance.

  38. Michelle Hykin says:

    I love these! Bonus – they look super easy to use!

  39. Vanessa says:

    Love your ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  40. Michelle says:

    I LOVE the Beginning Sounds Scoop. I’ve done something similar for the felt board using numbers and colors for patterns in my PreK class. This would help me extend the activity to include literacy!

  41. Annie says:

    Seriously!! He he not the CUTEST thing ever?!?

  42. Donnis says:

    I absolutely adore your shop on TPT. My daughters would enjoy the alphabet beginning sounds scoops in their homeschooling curriculum. They love ice cream, so what better way to enhance their learning with a bit of fun! Thank you for your time and talent ๐Ÿ™‚ I visit your website often to find more ideas to teach my girls. Thank you!

  43. Sarah Connell says:

    These are awesome and would be suh a fun addition to our preschool time at home!

  44. Jennie says:

    I would love to find our own plastic pin board & pins. Any idea where I can find them or what exactly they’re called? Thanks.

  45. S says:

    My son had so much fun while doing the beginning sound scoops. Your product makes learning so fun! Thank you!

  46. Brooke says:

    Your ideas are amazing, and such fun!

  47. Tina says:

    Have just started homeschooling , and found your website through pinterest… i love the way you layout each activity you do with your son.. thank you this really helps as I am trying to do the same with my little one love all your ideas…. Tina (Zimbabwe)

  48. Carla says:

    I would love to have this for my students. They would love it!!

  49. Kalee says:

    Love them!

  50. Julie Greene says:

    Love your activities!

  51. Tammy says:

    Love your activities

  52. Siri says:

    Hi my kids loves it, where to find the mosaic push pins with the board.

  53. Penny kendrick says:

    Where do I get these products?? Yes

  54. Martha Meyer says:

    What a wonderful and creative way to learn letters and sounds/reading.

  55. Kelly raymond says:

    These are incredible for my preschoolers.๐Ÿ’•

  56. Kristi says:

    I know this is an old post, but can you buy those push pins or mosaic pins with the grid on Amazon? If so, what would it be called?


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