Preschool Letter I

We started our Preschool Letter I with our beginning I vocabulary cards. I covered the words with playdough at the top as I had done last week, and Filip said the name of each picture, focusing on the beginning sound.

 Preschool Letter I vocabulary cards

He continues to love this game and gets so excited when he can figure out what our Letter of the Week will be!

Preschool Letter I vocabulary cards

Next, Filip finger-traced our I Alphabet Play Dough Mat, then he used a white board marker.

Preschool Letter I playdough mats

Filip did a Letter Find worksheet with different coloured dot paints for upper and lowercase letters.

Preschool Letter I Letter Find

Then he practiced writing lowercase I with the printables from The Measured Mom.

Preschool Letter I writing

Seeing this week’s letter was a vowel, we skipped our CVC reading and word work and did some Maths instead. Filip can count to 20 and can recognise numbers 1-10, but can’t write them. So, I thought it would be idea to start with some play dough mats as we do for each of our letters.

Here he is finger tracing the number 1 on our Number Playdough Mats:

Preschool Number 1 Playdough Mat

Filip also did this number recognition worksheet, available in my TpT store for free.

Preschool Number 1 recognition

We started Day 2 by tracing over the I Alphabet Play Dough Mat with a white board marker. This is mine:

Preschool Letter I playdough mats

…and here is Filip writing away…

Preschool Letter I playdough mats

Filip continues to love these alphabet worksheets from Mariela Santillana (check them out here).

Preschool Letter I

We also did a Q-Tip Letter I printable from 1plus1plus1equals1. Filip put some glue dots in each circle…

Preschool Letter I q-tip

… and then sprinkle red glitter over it…

Preschool Letter I q-tip

Here is our Preschool Letter I craft for the week. (We know that insects have six legs, but my little man insisted on pasting ALL the legs we’d cut out… who am I to challenge him!?!)

Preschool Letter I craft ice cream and insect

 We then moved on the the Maths part of our school work. We used some playdough with our  Number Playdough Mats:

Preschool Number 1 Playdough Mat

Filip also did a Number Maze using the dot paints:

Preschool Number 1 Maze

All done!

Preschool Number 1 Maze

Here he is doing a number worksheet: tracing the number one.

Preschool Number 1 worksheet

He then had to write the missing number, count 1 sqaure and count how many fingers.

Preschool Number 1 worksheet

We also used our Number 1 Flip Booklet from the unit (available in my TpT store here). This id what the flip book look like assembled:

Preschool Number 1 Flip Book

And here is Filip reading the number 1 flip book. As you can see, I had to put in some read dots to indicate that we are reading each WORD, not each LETTER, as we do for our CVC word work.

Preschool Number 1 Flip Book

And there you have it: Preschool Letter I all done! We only did 2 days of school work this week, but I’m sure no one minds! 🙂

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  1. Cherie says:

    Look at Filip’s smile – so proud that he could write his name! 🙂

  2. S says:

    I love the letter craft. So cute and creative. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Jo says:

    Hi Lavinia,

    I m interested in the find a letter activity that Filip did. Just wonder how to I get the full set of it for my son activity


  4. Deema Halabi says:

    i would to thank for your great works, but i want to ask you, these exercises do at once each day…?plz reply
    thank you


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